Action novels are some of the most thrilling reading experiences. These books can take you to different worlds and help you escape from your daily stress. They also provide an excellent opportunity to break from real life’s realism and pessimism. So, what are these action novels? Action novels are stories that focus on non-disabled individuals facing dangerous situations, antagonists, or other characters who pose a threat to them. They’re one of the best ways to become more focused, alert, and courageous at any given time. Online resources like the z library app, Internet Archive, and Good Reads offer an extensive collection of these reading materials. There’s no better time than now to start reading action novels! Here are the best action novels you need to read when you want to be excited as hell:

1.   A Game of Thrones

Written By: George R.R. Martin

The season was out of equilibrium decades back, in a period that has since passed. Conflict is building in a place where summertime can endure for years, and winters may last a lifetime. As the harsh weather returns, evil forces gather outside the kingdom’s defensive Wall in the icy plains to the north of Winterfell. In the south, the king’s authority is weakening due to the strange death of his most trusted ally and the appearance of his adversaries near the palace. The Starks of Winterfell, a clan as cruel and unrelenting as the icy region they were raised in, is at the epicenter of the war. As the king’s new Hand, Lord Eddard Stark is already unwillingly called upon, and this position risks splitting his household and the whole country. A Game of Thrones offers a story of kings and queens, warriors and sorcerers, murderers and bastards who join during a period of terrible premonitions, spreading from a brutal realm of ice to a summery kingdom of epicurean wealth

2.   Spice Road

Written By: Maiya Ibrahim

Drinkers of misra tea in the secluded desert area of Qalia experience an awakening. Imani, age 17, has a particular affinity for iron. She wields a dagger, unlike any other fighter, earning her the title of the following best Shield for taking on dangerous djinn, ghouls, and other creatures that lie in the dunes outside of cities. Her brother, meanwhile, had eclipsed her fame by sullying the family name when he was caught taking their country’s prized spice, an obvious indication of mystical addiction. Shortly after, he vanished, presumed dead further than the Forbidden Wastes, leaving Imani suffering from betrayal and loss.

Imani makes a pact with the Council to track down her brother and return him to Qalia before he can divulge the city’s secret after discovering proof that he may still be surviving and propagating their nation’s magic outside of the desert. They go on their expedition with the help of Qayn, an arrogant but attractive djinni, and Taha, a formidable beastseer whose mystical prowess is rivaled only by his conceit. Imani will quickly learn that there are a lot of mysteries further than the Forbidden Wastes, as well as in her inner heart. Still, will she be able to track down her brother before his infidelities jeopardize Qalia’s survival as a whole?

3.   The Perfect Assassin

Written By: James Patterson and Brian Sitts

University of Chicago professor Brandt Savage is taking a break. The odd, spectacled Ph.D. ends himself enrolling at a university where he is the only student rather than conducting solo anthropological research. Meed, his lecturer, is strict. Also, his kidnapper, she is. Savage leaves their rigorous training meetings changed physically and emotionally, but he still has no clue why he was selected or how he intends to use his dreadful talents. Then, on his first assignment with Meed, they return to her training center, where Savage discovers the intricate connections between their two worlds. They must vow again to do fair to all and evil to none to stop a new category of murderers from fleeing this hard location where their forefathers initially struggled to build a better society.

4.   Hide

Written By: Tracy Clark

Another feature strikes out as a young woman with red hair is mercilessly slaughtered in downtown Chicago. The red lipstick surrounded her wrists and ankles. Although she is still mourning the unexpected loss of her lover, Detective Harriet Foster is working on the case. Foster anticipated a challenging transition to a different team as a Black woman in a male-dominated field. She also finds it difficult to develop trust with her new partner. Foster believes a serial murderer is responsible for the victims’ lipstick traces after the other victim shows up with identical hints.

Foster hears Bodie Morgan through a tip from a psychiatrist that a disturbed guy with a dark background and a weakness for attractive young redheads with clear blue eyes. The murderer resumes their horrific onslaught on Chicago’s neighborhoods as Foster delves into Morgan’s murky past. Foster will have to face even her own deepest secrets as she races against time to find the culprit before they attack again.

5.   The Arcane Academy

Written By: Shane Purdy

Only a tiny percentage of people inside the realm of Aria are considered mages. These magicians, the backbone of every country’s military power, can wield power by manipulating the energy they are given. This sovereign nation, nevertheless, employs magicians to a far greater extent than the rest. The Republic of Arcania is the name of this country. The dominant force in Aria. The plot involves Nathan Fox as he leaves middle school and is sent to the Arcane Academy to complete his necessary magic education before beginning his ten-year military service. Since contracting a sickness that causes any harm to his health to immediately cure itself, restoring him to his peak condition on the day he has become immortal, Nathan has been a real ageless. Nathan must work through the military academy without revealing his secrets. But how can he protect his secrets when the civilization is overthrown by a rebellion of the most formidable creatures on the planet?

Final Words

Action novels are the best way to escape dull days when you have nothing to do. These reading materials are excellent methods to discover something new in novels and improve your imaginative skills. We hope this guide gave you a grasp of the best action novels to try reading now!

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