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COIN360 and About Cryptocurrency

COIN360 and About Cryptocurrency


COIN360 is a cryptocurrency and also crypto exchange living data aggregator. Our goal is to deliver vital market data in a visually engaging manner. Whether you are a professional or novice trader, media outlet, and also just crypto curious, COIN360 offers indispensable tools to stay updated on the slightest cryptocurrency market movements.

Crypto Market at a Glance

The main page represents a colourful heatmap that consists of interactive blocks. Colours show the market movements of a particular cryptocurrency: green means the price has risen, red stands for the cost is in decline, and also grey denotes the price hasn’t changed. Each cryptocurrency block reflects essential market data: the price, volume, market capitalization, chart, and also exchange rate of a digital asset. Block size corresponds to market share: the more significant a cryptocurrency market capitalization, the bigger the block.

The same logic works for сrypto exchange blocks where colours and sizes depend on respective exchanges’ trading volume. All market data can also remain displayed in a table view.

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Who Are We?

COIN360 features the robust and also comprehensive insight of Fintech and IT experts. We are continuously improving both the platform and also ourselves to bring you the best tools for crypto market monitoring. We work hard to get mass adoption closer to showing complicated things simply yet comprehensively. is an interactive infographic created to exhibit current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating the current market capitalization of all significant cryptocurrencies. Each infographic block has a different size and also colour and a cryptocurrency ticker, such as BTC, ETH, and also XRP. The size and also colour of the apiece block have their meaning.

The Meaning

The goal of the product is to provide users with a comprehensive view of the current state of the cryptocurrency market in a visually engaging and easy to understand format. By default, the block size corresponds to the relative size of the market capitalization of each currency, and the colour of the block corresponds to the price movement of that currency. Green indicates the price is growing, and red means it’s falling.

Social Media Manager Coin 360

Are you interested in the projects and also people that make up the crypto space as in the markets? Do you have nearly experience working with communication? Please help us achieve our engagement and also communicate with the tremendous Coin360 community of users!

We are observing for an enthusiastic community admin to help achieve our engagement through our social media channels and also our newsletter – promoting activities and also product updates and also collecting feedback from the wider community. It is initially a part-time position but has the potential to grow into 100% stable employment.


Be the voice of the corporation on social media as you post on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, and also LinkedIn and contribute to the email newsletter

We educated our users about digital assets, metaverse and also NFTs, Defi etc.

Report weekly on community engagement

Creating a daily/weekly newsletter that includes market coverage and also analysis of the industry’s hot topics

Communicating with our subscribers

Be responsible for improving Coin360’s ranking and also reputation

Work with the CEO to grow Coin360’s first communication strategy

Develop and also implement incentive programs to encourage community network engagement and also growth


Experience managing the community through social media channels or any related experience

strong writing skills

Native and also fluent English proficiency

Be structured and also able to drive your business

Enthusiastic, with a mindset for the community

Understand the crypto space and also be willing to learn more

High ethical standards, attention to detail, and also strong interpersonal skills

Excellent communication (English) and also interpersonal skills

We offer

Opportunity to work in an exciting perspective industry and also a fast-growing company

A space for learning and also building experience in a rapidly evolving technology field

The ability to gain knowledge and also experience within the scope of perspective and also developing fields

Working remotely or at our offices in Malta

Flexible hours

Highly autonomous work environment

Opportunity to upgrade your role to full-time employment

Let’s talk a little bit about Coin360. We all enjoy the crypto market’s evolution and also are excited to see new blockchains and also assets emerge. However, this growth may attract less interest in specific holdings due to the many cryptocurrencies available. There are more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies available instead of fiat currencies, of which only 180 are available in the market. Not to mention many exchanges (about 500 different exchanges).

What is Coin360?

COIN360 is a live data aggregator for cryptocurrency and also crypto exchanges. Whether you are a skilled or inexperienced trader, a media outlet and also just a crypto enthusiast, COIN360 provides vital tools to accelerate small cryptocurrency market movements. Our goal is to present critical market data in a visually appealing way.

COIN360 combines the deep and also comprehensive knowledge of Fintech and IT professionals. We’re working hard to bring mass adoption closer by showing complex concepts that are simple yet comprehensive. We are constantly updating the platform and also ourselves to provide you with the best tools for cryptocurrency market monitoring.

It is an interactive infographic and also aggregator for 3,336 different cryptocurrencies and also tokens. Coin360 also collects data from 225 exchanges, and also including leading businesses.

Features and Tools of Coin360

Heatmap: The entire crypto market in front of your eyes

Watchlists: You can easily keep track of your favorite cryptocurrencies

Liquidity Book: One of the best liquidity in the market

Global Charts: All data such as current and also historical views of the crypto market

Widgets: Lots of additional widgets

News: All News Covering Crypto


All supported coins are presented on a single page that you can access. The larger the size of the box, the larger the market share. Rising currencies are green, and also falling ones are red. If you don’t like the box view, you can always switch to a list view with lots of critical statistics like market cap, volume, price chart, etc. You can also increase and pan to see smaller boxes and also add filters.


You can view different exchanges sorted by market dominance in the currency tab. You can also view the volume of each transaction. The importance of green discussions also increased, while the red ones decreased.

To-watch list

You can add your most wanted coins to your watchlist and review their market dominance and also caps just like you do on the coin page.

Liquidity Book

The liquidity book on Coin360 helps you find the best selling and buying options by finding the exchanges with the most liquidity.


On the Charts page, you will see an updated chart of the cryptocurrency market cap and also market dominance.

You can review the data and also choose a timeframe for the chart since Bitcoin’s inception. Also, Coin360 allows you to export the graphic as JPEG or PNG in both bright and also dark modes.

Coin360 Pricing

Surprisingly, all Coin360 features are entirely free for all users. You can visit the Coin360 website by clicking here.

What is the total crypto limit?

The market cap (or market cap) for a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the total value of all coins issued. It remains calculated by multiplying the number of coins in circulation by the current market price of a single currency.


Coin360, for example, offers such an experience for a free website. There is no doubt that Coin360 should remain included in your daily analytics tool platforms. However, there were a few things we didn’t like about Coin360 during our review.

Types of Cryptocurrency

The wealth that can help you track the price of Cryptocurrencies to Cryptocurrency Whitepapers.

Cryptocurrency Market Trackers

Below are sites that provide aggregated exchange rates and also market caps for cryptocurrencies, some of the more reliable sources in the industry. Note that in some cases, exchanges feed insufficient data to tracking sites, but overall the data is good:

Cryptocurrency is mining profitability prediction tools

Use these tools often when considering which cryptocurrency to issue and also expand. Here is a shortlist of some widely held profitability tools:

Cryptocurrency Reddit pages

Reddit is one of the best social media sites for cryptocurrency communities to discuss and discuss the trending topics of the day. Check out this list of some of the best cryptocurrency Reddit pages.

Blockchain explorers

Blockchain pioneers provide an easy way to audit blockchains directly from your web browser. They can search for blocks, transactions, hashes, and also addresses. Here is a list of helpful Bitcoin and also Ethereum blockchain explorers.

Blockchain also works with the Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and also Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Dash, Dogecoin, and also Groestlcoin blockchains. Try a search engine query for other cryptocurrencies. Many smaller cryptocurrencies aren’t popular enough to have explorers, but some do. Check out these blockchain explorers:

Bitcoin Blockchain Explorers

Ethereum Block Explorers

Data visualizations

While blockchain explorers are great resources for finding textual and also numerical data for your favorite blockchains, some creators have taken this concept further. There are many visually appealing data visualizations for the bitcoin and also cryptocurrency space. Here are some of our favorites:

Cryptocurrency statistics and data

Cryptocurrency data, comparison, and also statistics websites can be beneficial in helping you compare cryptocurrencies. Here are a few good cryptocurrency data aggregators:


We’re working hard to bring mass adoption closer by showing complex concepts that are simple yet comprehensive. We are constantly updating the platform and also ourselves to provide you with the best tools for cryptocurrency market monitoring.

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