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Meet Sundial Real Estate

Meet Sundial Real Estate

Sundial Real Estate


We recognize that buying or selling a home-produced is a big deal, especially in Florida, Florida. We want you to sense that you are the only one, and that is how we treat you. With authentic leadership, a concrete vision, and a heart-type, we will always offer options tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

Our services reflect the diversity of our region. From the first time to the experienced customer, the luxury buyer, to our esteemed veterans, we comprehensively cover every need, concern, or goal with the whole experience. A generous list of repeat customers and references is a testament to this and helps maintain a reputation in the community.

About the Sundial Real Estate

Resident Information

I believe that customer service is an invaluable part of active management, both before and during your stay.

Investors and property owners

Sundial provides our clients with property leasing, management, and accounting services in the Greater Phoenix area.

Find Rent

Whether you are looking for a single-family home, condominium, condominium or apartment, we have a professionally managed property that is right for you.

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The FAQs of Sundial Real Estate

What are the nearest stations to Sundial Real Estate Lc?

The nearest stations to Sundial Real Estate Lc are:

What time is the first light rail at Sundial Real Estate Lc in Mesa?

RAIL is the first light train to Sundial Real Estate Lc in Mesa. It stops around 4:05 p.m.

When is the first bus to Sundial Real Estate Lc in Mesa?

The 30 is the first bus to Sundial Real Estate Lc in Mesa. It stops around 4:38 in the morning.

Sundial Property Owners

Trust your investment in an experienced property management company. We now manage more than 1,000 units, from one family to large, multi-apartment complexes.

We have professional staff to worry about your property, so you don’t have to do that. Our managers provide tenants with quality services over the lease period, which increases the rate of renewal. We are very aggressive in renting your property.

The state of the art software system also helps you report at the end of the month and manage your assets daily. It guarantees us to collect the rent and place it in Tim. We now work more than 1,000 units, from single-family homes to several large family homes.

They are committed to renting out your home. We have professional staff who take care of your property. Our managers provide tenants with quality services during the contract period, which in turn increases the rate of renewal.

Our state-of-the-art software system helps you report at the end of the month and manage your assets daily. It assures us that the lease is collected and paid on time, guaranteed to remain considered and delivered on time. We combine the best of your personal experience and technology to manage your investments. We combine the best personal experience and technology to manage your assets as efficiently and effectively.

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What is Real Estate?

Real estate is a type of real estate. It differs from private property in that it relates to things that are not permanently attached to the land, such as cars, boats, ornaments, furniture, and farm supplies.

Understanding real estate

People often use the terms land, real estate, and real estate, but there is an indescribable difference.

In general, real estate includes the surface and bottom of the land, its perpetual connection, and all property rights, including the right to own, sell, lease, and enjoy the land.

Real estate should not be confused with private property, and it includes all property that does not conform to the concept of real estate. The main characteristic of personal property is the transfer of it. Examples include transport, boats, furniture, clothing, and smartphones.

Physical Characteristics of Real Estate

Lander has three physical characteristics that set him apart from other financial assets:

Weaknesses Although parts of Lander have stood removed and landscapes changed, the geography of the land has not changed.

It cannot remain demolished. Lander is strong and cannot remain demolished (permanently).

In particular, the two packages cannot be the same. Although they have one thing in common, each part is geographically different.

Economic Characteristics of Real Estate

Also, it has specific economic characteristics that affect its value as an investment:


While the land is not considered rare, the total supply remains fixed.


Any additions or changes to land or buildings that affect property value are called improvements. Improvements to unique properties (such as houses and fences) remain on the landscape. Improving public behaviour (e.g., paved roads and sewer systems).

Sustainable investment:

When land is improved, the total capital and labour used to build development are significant investments. Although the building can remain demolished, improvements such as sewage, electricity, water, and sewer systems appear sustainable because they cannot be removed (or replaced) financially.

Location or area selection:

The site refers to people’s preferences and tastes in a given area based on relevance, reputation, and history. Location is one of the most significant economic characteristics of the land.

Types of Real Estate

Real estate:

Any property used for housing. For example, there are single-family homes, condominiums, condominiums, duplex houses, city houses, and multi-family dwellings without five unique units.

Commercial Real Estate:

Any property used explicitly for business includes apartments, gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, offices, parking lots, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, and theatres.

Industrial Real Estate:

For example, there are factories, power plants, and warehouses.

In particular:

public property such as cemeteries, state buildings, libraries, parks, places of worship, and schools.

How the Real Estate Industry Works

Despite the size and complexity of the real estate market, many believe that the industry remains made up of brokers and sellers. However, millions of people make money for sale and real estate for valuation, asset management, investment, construction, development, consulting, education, and many other factors.

Residential Real Estate

Real estate is property consisting of land and natural resources, such as buildings, crops, minerals or water; it is the immovable property of nature; this is (also) the interest paid on real estate, (generally) buildings or housing.

Real estate remains altered from private property, which is not permanently attached to the land, such as transport, boats, jewellery, furniture, tools and farm supplies.

The size of a house or apartment can remain expressed in square meters or meters. In the United States, this includes the “residential” area, except for garages and other homes. In Europe, a “square meter” of a house can show the total number of walls covering the house, so there is no garage attached and living space, which is essential to check the area of the house. The floor. It can be defined in detail by the number of rooms. The studio house does not have a single room (no separate kitchen). The one-bedroom home has a living room or dining room separate from the bedroom. Two bedrooms, three bedrooms and a large living room are standard. (The room is a separate bedroom. It usually has a bed and new upholstery in the living room).

As an Investment

Land and real estate remain often bought in the form of investments in high-risk markets, and the landlord wants to use the property. Most investment homes remain rented out, but “conversion” involves the immediate sale of property, sometimes arbitrage or price rises, and sometimes property values ​​after repairs.


Luxury real estate remains sometimes used to save money, especially for wealthy foreigners, without trying to rent it out privately. Portions of luxury homes in London and New York City have stood used to protect corrupt foreign government officials and business people from countries with few laws.

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