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6 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Reject and Devalue Claims

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Reject and Devalue Claims

If you were injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party, then you will need to deal with the insurance company of the faulty party. Dealing with the insurance company is a challenging task.

Generally, accident victims trust insurance companies to get compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies always want to earn money. So they use tactics to limit or even devalue the claim. Before getting help from an experienced personal injury lawyer, you need to know the tactics of the insurance company.

Do you want to avoid the tactics? Then, read this article to learn about some tactics used by insurance companies to reject and devalue claims.

Ask you to give a recorded statement

The defendant’s insurance company will request that you provide a recorded statement about the accident or injury. They will claim that this is a general procedure or that it will help speed up your claim. Keep in mind that giving any recorded or formal statement can have consequences, as anything you say can be used against you later.

Basically, the insurance company will try to change your words, find any inconsistencies in your accident case, or catch you in a contradiction. They will also ask confusing questions to make you accept the blame.

Delaying the claim process

 Most insurance companies delay the claim process as much as possible. They will ask for unnecessary documents, misplace or lose your paperwork, or fail to respond to your emails and calls. Moreover, they will prolong the investigation or question the legitimacy of your medical records or bills.

By delaying the claim process, they will intentionally frustrate you, make you feel depressed, or cause you to miss necessary deadlines.

Refuses liability

To get compensation, you should prove that another party caused the accident or injury. The insurance company will argue that you were at fault, that the accident was unavoidable, or that the injury was unrelated to the accident. It is one of the most common insurance tactics.

By denying liability, they will try to discourage you from filing your claim or make you agree to a poor offer.

Misrepresenting the insurance coverage available

The insurance company will argue that the policy limits are less than they actually are, that the insurance policy does not cover specific types of treatment plans or surgeries, or that the policy has been cancelled or expired.

By misrepresenting the available insurance coverage, they try to make you believe that you have no legal option or that you need to settle what you are claiming.

You should never consider their word. It is important to contact an attorney to review the insurance policy documents before accepting any offer.

Providing a quick settlement

The insurance company may offer a quick settlement offer immediately after the claim request. They will make this the final offer. Remember, agreeing to a fast settlement can be a mistake, as it will not reflect the actual value of your claim.

They will try to take advantage of your financial distress, lack of legal knowledge, or emotional distress to make you settle for the lowest compensation possible.

Advising you not to get legal assistance

The insurance company will try to convince you not to get the advice of an attorney. They will tell you that hiring an attorney can be expensive and a waste of time. They will use this tactic to devalue your claim.

You should never listen to the insurance adjuster. It is always better to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who will evaluate your claim, advise you on your legal options, and negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company.

Review 6 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Reject and Devalue Claims.

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