Cell phones have come a long way. From the introduction of iconic phones like the Nokia 3310 in the early 2000s to the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022, the evolution is impressive.

Today’s smartphones are significantly different from the first mobile phones. In fact, the first phones were only capable of a small fraction of what their modern counterparts can do today.

Moreover, with the recent advancement in tech, new smartphone features are in the pipeline for the future.

Here are the 7 futuristic smartphone features you should look forward to in the coming years.

1. Flexible Screens

Smartphones with large screens to watch movies and play online games while still maintaining pocket-size shapes will soon be popular among users.

Thanks to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, such screens are foldable. Hence, with your smartphone’s paper-thin screen, you can run several operations simultaneously without a need to minimize.

2. In-built Projector

If you aren’t satisfied with flexible device screens, an in-built projector should be satisfactory. This feature was first experienced on Samsung Galaxy Beam. Its in-built Digital Light Projection (DLP) projector is able to project at about 50 inches at 15 lumens.

With this feature, smartphones can be adapted into interactive game consoles without the need for a television. Thus, you can enjoy an immersive experience from games like Diablo Immortal, PUBG, Apex Legends, Wow, etc.

You can even bring casino games to your house with the projector. All you need is a good internet connection, a flat surface and a trustworthy gaming site. Fortunately comparison sites do all the work for you and compare all the best mobile casinos online so you can make a good choice. Also, the site provides unbiased reviews and information on the latest welcome bonuses.

3. Graphene Battery

A smartphone’s battery life is a major concern for every user. Even if your phone has a 4500mAH battery capacity, it still uses lithium-ion. So, you can expect the battery life to degrade to a point where it starts causing problems in about two years.

Conversely, graphene batteries are made to last longer. Graphene makes your phone battery more conductive, flexible, tougher and lighter. It also increases the capacity of your phone. All these translate to slimmer phones, slower degradation, faster charging, less overheating, and longer battery life for smartphone users, especially those who love playing games.

4. Seamless Voice Control

Although many earlier smartphone versions incorporated voice control, the function wasn’t as advanced as today. iPhone’s Siri has made it even more popular. Instead of identifying commands through sound waves like other voice recognition functions, Siri identifies syntax and diction the same way we recognize speech.

With advanced voice recognition apps like Siri and higher smartphone capabilities, we can expect seamless voice control in years to come.

5. Over-the-Air Wireless Charging

Today, wireless charging is a reality. But you still need to put your phone on the charging dock for the device to charge. When you pick up the smartphone, the charging ends. Ideally, you should be able to charge your phone through wireless charging without location restrictions.

Although we’ve seen a glimpse of this technology from Xiaomi, it still needs time to become ubiquitous. Paired with graphene batteries, smartphone battery issues will be forgotten.

6. Holograms and 3D Screens

We may have reached the smartphone’s screen resolution peak with the launch of Apple’s ‘retina display.’ With this display, Apple provides resolutions that are clearer and sharper than that of the human eye.

But, even with that, there’s still room for improvement. Mobile brands are moving from 2D to 3D smartphone screens, and the final path could be holographic projections, which is a blend of 3D features for mobile phones.

7. Less Bloatware

Bloatware is present in almost all tech gadgets. While stock Android and iPhones incorporate clean software, cheaper phones come with meaningless pre-installed apps.  These use up your RAM and continue to operate in the background, draining your battery life.

Bloatware is one of the reasons Chinese phones are cheaper than other Android counterparts. Chinese manufacturers allow carriers to dump their useless apps in the phones’ software, thereby cutting hardware margins and increasing sales.

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