Anonymous Company: Suppose you’re thinking about starting a business and need a commercial company. You might want to consider purchasing a limited or anonymous company that has already been formed rather than starting from scratch.

First and foremost, you should understand that going to a company that sells companies is not the same as purchasing a company for sale.

You’ve been working for third parties, either a contract or freelancer. And you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business. If you choose to use an existing company rather than starting from scratch, you must consider what interests you the most.

There Are Two Possibilities With Notable Differences:

Buy the limited or anonymous company from a bussines that sells companies. In this case, you can choose between companies already created for this purpose. Companies that have no activity and that, without debts or liabilities, are ready to start operating.

Buy the company from whoever has been carrying out the activity you will continue, acquiring their assets, clients. Reputation. And, if they have them, and depending on the way you buy them.

This alternative will require further analysis on your part. Before buying the company, especially if you buy the shares instead of purchasing the activity. You will have to check that the company has no tax, labour, social security or third-party debts.

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Advantages Of Buying A Limited Or Anonymous Company



It can be an advantage. If you have to create your company from scratch. No matter how hard you run to take the necessary steps, it is difficult for you to achieve it in less than three weeks. According to data from the World Bank. Collected in its 2019 Doing Business report, opening a business in Spain requires 12.5 days.

You can reduce that time if you choose the path of going to a company for the sale of companies. Some guarantee their availability in hours if the purchase makes through the notaries arranged with them.

Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about times to have the structure and the umbrella to carry out your activity. If that activity requires obtaining municipal licenses or prior authorizations, you will have to have additional time in any case.

Management Savings

  • If you are one of those who get hives when dealing with the paperwork and various procedures, buying a limited or anonymous company already constituted and in which the first steps will already resolve will also mean an advantage.
  • The company that is already will constitute and ready for sale has already passed the steps that you would have to take to create a new one :
  • Because it already has a name, you don’t need to apply to the Central Mercantile Registry unless you want to change it.
  • It already has statutes. Unless you wanted to change their wording, you would not have to modify them. Even if you set another registered office, this does not require statutory modification if the bylaws recognize the change of address as a competence of the administrative body.
  • Already have an account. The capital will accredit; the deed will grant in front of a Notary, the liquidation model 600 of corporate operations will be

No Need To Disburse The Share Capital

The founding partners disbursed the share capital. Before sale withdrew against account the partners and administrators, it is generating credit favouring the company against the partners in which the new partners will subrogate.

In this way, you can have a company available with a minimum or higher share capital without being forced to disburse said capital at the time and possibly increase its figure, either through monetary contributions or in kind.

Temporary Confidentiality Or Not Of The Identity Of The Partners

It can be considered another advantage. It is a company already registered with some founding partners, and the subsequent purchase and sale of shares or shares is not a registrable act. For a time, there will be no public information about the titular partners of the shares or participation.

This confidentiality is temporary concerning the holders of a percentage of capital more significant than 25% because the company is obliged to make the declaration of ownership to comply with the money laundering prevention legislation.

Age Of The Company.

Sometimes access to specific contracts or the possibility of contracting with certain suppliers will filter the company’s age. These may be some of the reasons why you will interest in having a company that is a certain age.  And this is another of the possible advantages of acquiring an already established company

Guarantees Of The Company Selling Companies

If you decide to use this option, find out well and make sure that with the purchase of the limited or anonymous company, you will give:

We refer to the deed of incorporation and those others that may have signed tax returns, accounting records and books.

 It Is Essential To Avoid Pre-Purchase Liability Issues.

Make sure that they give you a closed price and check and compare the included services and the guarantees they offer you.

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Review 5 Benefits Of Purchasing  Anonymous Company That Has Already Formed.

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