Winning Sales Email

Sales emails are sent to prospects who fit the context of selling a product or service. These emails are carefully crafted to grab the recipients’ attention and compel them to act.

Therefore, a lackluster effort when writing sales emails simply won’t cut it. Here are the best practices for writing winning sales emails.

Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Email subject lines are enough for the recipient to judge whether the email is worth their time. It is the first thing that prospects read. Therefore, pay as much attention as possible to come up with killer subject lines that encourage recipients to open and read the email body.

Fifty characters are the ideal length of an email subject line, and it must be punchy, informational, and interesting. You can personalize the subject line for better impact.

Start the Email with An Icebreaker

Just because you are trying to sell something, it doesn’t mean you start the email talking about the features of your product.

An initial couple of sentences make or break interactions. Hence, start with a relevant and strong icebreaker. It must be as concise and straightforward as possible, the keyword can be placed in the beginning and put yourself in the shoes of your prospects.

Write Like a Human

Your sales emails are straightaway going to trash if you talk like a robot. You must add a bit of warmth to your emails. Show empathy and genuine enthusiasm in connecting with your prospects and how excited you are to have them onboard.

Use PDFs and Images to Make Emails Interactive

A text-heavy email can get dull and boring. You can make your sales emails exciting by including images, GIFs, and PDFs.

However, placing them as it is will make your emails load slowly, especially if the recipient is not on a fast Wi-Fi network.

If you are adding PDFs or media content, keep these things in mind:

  • When sending a proposal or trying to close a deal with your prospects, you can send them PDFs as email attachments. PDFs are preferred because they don’t change the format no matter on which device they are viewed. But it would be best if you compressed the PDFs. Shrinking PDFs is a straightforward process, and you can find online PDF compressors that shrink file size instantly.
  • If you include images in your emails, you must optimize the image and compress the file size.
  • GIFs are popularly used in emails because they are interactive, fun, and smaller in size. If you are including GIFs, you don’t even need to write anything in the body.

Use Simple Language

It is best to avoid using complicated, flowery language and technical jargon when writing sales emails. You want all your recipients to understand what you are trying to market or sell.

The language used must be easy to understand.

Personalize the Email

Make your recipients feel special by personalizing the email. For example, you can use their name or other such personal information when drafting the email. Also, the content must be tailored according to the specific target audience and demographics.

For instance, if your brand deals in clothes and you design clothes for women of all ages, you must customize the content to make it age-appropriate. The language liked by teens may not be appreciated by middle-aged women.

Remember to Add a CTA

Whether it is a button or a link to a resource, you must try to encourage and incite your prospects to take action. You must place a CTA at the end of the email and ensure it stands out. The CTA must be easily understood by the recipients and include words of encouragement.

Also, be clear regarding what you want your audience to do. For instance, if you want them to purchase products or join the subscriber’s list.

Additionally, you can follow these tips to make your sales email stand out from the rest:

  • Add a signature at the end of the email. The signature will become synonymous with your brand. You can make the signature as interesting as you like or humorous.
  • Build and create a brand through social media so that people are eager to open emails sent by you.
  • To excite recipients, you can include offers, discounts, and deals in the email.
  • Make sure to send the emails at the right time to increase the open rates.
  • You can use ready-made sales email templates to get started with your email marketing campaign. Then, you can experiment and observe the reactions of the recipients.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best practices for writing sales emails and tips and tricks you must follow. You can start with these, but always remember to study and keep up with the changing trends. Tailor the email content according to the changing times.

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