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What Are The Benefits of Google Ads?

You Connect With Consumers At Best Possible Time

Is Google Ads Worth It Today?

Google Ads: With more than 3.5 billion daily users and more than 1.2 trillion queries per year, Google is the most popular search network globally.

Every second, 40,000 searches are performed on Google, linked to a person who could well be looking for precisely the products or services you sell.

So is Google Ads worth it in 2022? Yes, it’s worth it! And that won’t change any time soon. Therefore, it is good to include paid ads in your marketing campaign.

The Potential Is Limitless

Results Are Fast

You Connect With Consumers At Best Possible Time

You Can Access Particular Markets

There Is A Lot Of Variety To Choose From

It’s Easy To Track Your Campaign

Creating an effective campaign and putting it into action is only part of a successful marketing strategy. Keeping track of data carefully and analysing it is what the rest is about. Google Ads offers one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use built-in analytics options you’ll find anywhere. All you need to see how a particular campaign is doing is to check your stats, and you’ll get instant access to everything you want to know, such as:

You can also link your Google Analytics account to your Google Ads account and conveniently compare your organic search data with your PPC data.

In other words, much of what you need to sell more intelligent and more consistently comes with the package when you use Google Ads.

There Is More Than One Way To Level The Playing Field

Of course, increasing your bids for essential keywords is one way to increase your ad’s rank potentially, but it’s not the only way. Quality and relevance are of paramount importance to Google, so a marketer who is a genius at writing ads and planning campaigns has a real advantage over their competitors.

Do a good enough job of creating quality ads and optimising them to perfection. Your quality score comes from relevance and good user experience in your ads. That way, you can easily outperform less relevant advertisements that may attache to higher bids.

Your ad’s position is determined by combining your quality score with your maximum bid per click.

You Can Seamlessly Reconnect With Previous Website Visitors

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