AI is on the rise in 2023 and becoming prevalent in many different industries. There are all kinds of impressive and innovative ways that this tech is being used right now and it is exciting to consider what the future holds as the tech is constantly improving. One industry that is going through enormous change right now as a result of AI is the business travel industry. So, how is AI changing the industry?

How AI is Helping the Travel Industry

Like many industries, AI is helping the travel industry in a few ways. This includes automating tasks, providing personalization, providing data insight and improving the customer experience. This is evident in all aspects of the travel industry, including aviation, hotels, tourism and much more. This means that it is benefiting both customers and businesses in this industry.

Learning Traveler Preferences

One of the main ways that AI is changing the business travel industry is by learning traveler preferences. AI can learn about every consumer’s preferences and then use this information to recommend products and services that they might like. Not only does this benefit the business, but it also benefits the customer through personalization (a major trend right now). If they prefer to travel by private jet, for example, then they can receive recommendations for a private jet program that will make it easy for them to book flights in the future.

Virtual Butler

Another way that AI is being used in business travel is with virtual butlers. ButlerTech has two examples of this with ButlerPad that hotel guests can use to make bookings, request housekeeping and find out information and CityButler that can make recommendations and booking for places outside of the hotel.

Self-Driving Luggage

One of the most stressful aspects of travel is moving luggage around. When you are already stressed about catching your flight, lugging a suitcase and carry-on bag around can be fraught. This is becoming an issue of the past thanks to the rise of self-driving luggage, which can even navigate a busy airport. There is even rideable luggage similar to an electric scooter!


The rise of chatbots like ChatGPT means that people can now get all of the information that they need for their trip with ease. People can use virtual butlers to find the cheapest accommodation in the area, find the best restaurants to visit, get hotel recommendations and much more.

As you can clearly see, AI is having a big impact on the business travel industry and it will be interesting to see how this develops over the years. The technology is constantly improving and has incredible potential and this could make business travel a lot easier and more enjoyable for travelers as well as improve business for those operating in this industry and the travel industry as a whole.

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