Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

The integrated partnership between GoDaddy and Microsoft 365 seems like a no-brainer to organizations looking for a custom domain and productivity software to rely on. GoDaddy clients can purchase discounted versions of the Microsoft 365 suite, making it easy and affordable to have a custom email domain with Microsoft Outlook, a setup that can boost your business’s reputation. Unfortunately, the licenses offered by this partnership are limited by design, causing Microsoft 365 tenants purchased via GoDaddy to have many challenges.

The Problem

The main problem is that GoDaddy users do not have access to the full Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which can make administrating the tenant as Microsoft designed it more challenging. There are even security and compliance limitations that can prevent your environment from being completely secure, something quite frustrating, especially given the expenses that can accumulate due to this partner deal.

Organizations that purchased Microsoft through GoDaddy may be looking for a way to take full advantage of what Microsoft 365 offers. Rebuilding a tenant fully managed within Microsoft can be challenging, but it is possible, though the route to moving away from GoDaddy requires a fantastic deal of planning and a combination of technical adjustments and change management across the company.

The Need

Purchasing the Microsoft 365 tenant through GoDaddy allows your company to buy services through Microsoft but restricts your organization from some core functionalities that would normally exist with Microsoft 365 if purchased directly through Microsoft.

As a company looking to grow and expand, The Decision to switch from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft can change the way members of your organization interact with each other, their data, and other important information. As mentioned previously, functionality across the suite of MS Applications is upgraded considerably, most notably through access to premium Power Platform solutions.

Finally, to get some of those more premium functions from the Microsoft 365 suite, GoDaddy will likely offer ad-hoc subscriptions, but these seem to be more in progress than actual offerings now.

Things to think about

One of the biggest challenges that come with moving to a fully Microsoft 365 tenant is losing access to your GoDaddy data. There are 2 options – one in which we would protect and remember the domain and its data, and another in which we would sign off on losing that important data to kill the tenant and rebuild another from scratch. Which option makes more sense for your company is something we’d talk about in an initial consultation, working to meet your needs as you and your organization define them for us. Your team will require to use a third-party service to drive the tenant-to-tenant piece of the migration so you can easily get back to work by accessing data on Virtual Cloud Desktop Server anytime and anywhere you want.

Finally, you must be aware that once the migration is made, your business will lose access to all that was on your GoDaddy site. This implies that planning is important so that you have all you need when you make the call to cancel your service knowing that all is well, migrated, and updated to your new tenant.


You need a team of experienced specialists like Apps4Rent who have handled hundreds of Office 365 migrations to retain uptime, connectivity, and important data and assets during the migration. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provide top-level Cloud PC Services with 100% assistance and round-the-clock tech support.

Review Things you should know before Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365.

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