New Clients : Before starting, and as we always do, we want to remind you that training and information through articles on the internet are significant. Still, it does not replace, in any case, the recommendation of having a professional specialized in the matter.

In our case, and when it comes to getting clients in the 21st century, having a digital marketing agency seems essential to us in the internet age. I advance the conclusion, and you will see the reasons.

We want to follow the process by which you get to the point where you have to decide what specific strategy to adopt to get those first customers.

How To Get New Clients? First, The Costs To Fix The Price.

This question will echo day and night in the entrepreneur’s mind, especially if he has no traditional or digital marketing notions.

You will have an idea about the product or service you want to sell, and perhaps you already have an approximation of who your target audience is. It is vital when launching, and for this, you must know how much it costs you to produce that product or provide that service. You will have to decide how to get there, what price to set, and what promotions and market entry actions you will take.

Then it will be necessary to estimate the approximate costs of rent, electricity, water, supplies, investment in equipment, IT, advice and, with the help of expert labour consultants, salary costs, including social security. With the assistance of tax advisors, you will also have an idea of ​​what taxes will affect your business, what price they will entail or how they will affect the treasury.

And We Come To Income. How To Estimate It Realistically?

It is something else. When starting a business, based on the costs, the price of the services or products is usually estimated to cover said expenses, adding a profit margin. Also, with the help of experts, you can calculate the break-even point or profitability threshold.

These data are valuable because they guide us regarding the levels of sales that we must generate to obtain benefits. The problem is that these are all theoretical data. With a gross margin of 40% and fixed monthly costs of 5,000 euros, we will have to sell for 12,500 euros since that billing; we will have covered the variable and fixed costs with that billing. From that invoicing, everything will be profitable. Well, with Treasury permission, of course.

And, how to reach those 12,500 euros per month in our example? Well, simplifying, we can get to them if:

  • In a computer store, we sell 250 products with a unit price of 50 euros.
  • In a restaurant, we serve 833 menus of 15 euros.

Where Can I Find My First New Customers For My New Company?

Where Can I Find My First New Customers For My New Company

We do not contemplate the word of mouth technique. The recommendation of a lifetime, since we are talking about capturing the first new clients. Clients who come by request will appear over time if we manage to consolidate a good reputation. The tricky part is charging that first customer who walks through our door or places the first order online.

If my clients are local, as in the case of the restaurant in which unless it offers home delivery of food, I will depend on clients from the area or a certain radius if my proposal has a high level of differentiation,

I will combine traditional marketing techniques such as brochures or advertising in other media such as magazines or billboards with digital marketing strategies.

If my clients can find it anywhere in Spain or even outside of it, digital marketing is a must, even more so when we do not have a physical establishment. We could think about carrying out mixed actions to get those first clients if we had it.

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Are You Ready To Attract Those New Customers?

Years ago, an entrepreneur may have been willing to hit the streets handing out brochures or advertising to potential customers in the first days of opening their business. It was a way to save costs and focus entirely on achieving those long-awaited first customers. And in many cases, he worked, and even now, for certain assumptions, he could.

Things have become complicated, and in the digital age. Something more than they will need to launch to “capture” those clients that are so necessary for our business to take off. Digital knowledge is essential.

If you reach the conclusion that you cannot launch yourself into entrepreneurship without professional help in various company areas. You are not wrong. And speaking of attracting customers, which is what this article is about, digital marketing is a master wall. A cornerstone without which it cannot build a business, or it will be much more complicated.

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