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New Technologies to Help You Grow Your e-Commerce Brand

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Focusing on your business growth and development is as important as the products. Staying on top of current technology and best practices keeps your business in the spotlight. It doesn’t get overshadowed by competitors or left behind due to methods that no longer bring you the best results.

There is no time like the present to take inventory of your company’s methods. Where can you make improvements? For the best results, your commerce company should utilize the following technologies. Doing so will help operations be efficient, save money, and gain new customers. At the same time, you continue to be a leader in the industry. This encourages previous customers to remain loyal to the business. 

Augmented Reality Shopping and Marketing 

While marketing has to appeal to the emotions and senses of the consumer, many of them are visually impacted too. They prefer making purchases they are sure about. They want to avoid dealing with returning or exchanging merchandise. Augmented reality shopping is a perfect example of marketing on the next level.

This method reduces the uncertainty for consumers. They can use an app to access products of interest to them. Yet it takes it much further than that. They can see the different colors or designs offered. They can visually determine the best choice for them based on preferences, location, and other variables that influence their purchase decision. 

Consumers love feeling connected and engaged when they shop. That personal touch doesn’t have to diminish with online shopping. They still want that connection and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home whenever they feel like it. Augmented reality shopping provides that level of engagement and increases the value of your product in their eyes. The consumer can confidently complete the purchase, and they often feel excited as they wait for the item to arrive. 

This type of marketing increases their confidence in the company too. They get a great impression of what is offered because of how it is presented. They feel comfortable with the purchase because the company has put forth extra effort to give them the ultimate shopping experience. They are more likely to complete the purchase on the spot, increasing conversion rates. This excellent experience enhances the possibility of them being repeat customers.

Virtual Reality 

Similar to augmented reality shopping, virtual reality programs can help consumers make decisions. For example, programs to try on clothing or select a hair color after they upload a photo of themselves is an excellent method. The consumer can see how an outfit would look on them, or how hair color will look with their features before they commit. 

Furniture is a big purchase consumers often think about before they commit. With virtual reality programs, they can see how pieces of furniture would look in a specific room of their home. They don’t have to worry they won’t like it once the items are delivered because they already know what the layout will be before they buy it! 

This can be an excellent concept to offer if you sell big ticket items. This additional resource can help consumers connect on a persona level with your business. It can make the difference between them buying the item from you or one of your competitors. Diving in and offering these technologies will enhance the experience for the customer. When they feel good about the shopping experience, they don’t hesitate to follow through with the purchase. 

Social Commerce

Most people have at least one social media account they use daily. Others have multiple accounts they check because they like several platforms. The use of social commerce to grow your business and get noticed is essential. Consumers love the option to purchase without leaving the platform they are on. For example, using Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Checkout offers fast and convenient services for them to buy what they desire.

Integrating your shopping features with these platforms is an excellent opportunity to connect with your niche audience. Experts believe social commerce growth in 2023 and beyond will continue to grow due to social commerce marketing tactics. If you aren’t leveraging these platforms, it is a good idea to get on board with them now!

Customized Shopping Experience

Consumers enjoy a personalized shopping experience. They feel important, and they can find what they want in less time. Data analytics combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can bridge the gap between consumers and them getting what they want or need. Such programming includes recommending products, advertising that reaches the intended audience, and emails with a personal touch. 

Creating tailored shopping experiences increases sales. It is crucial to identify your customer segments. What unique factors can you recognize about your top 20% of consumers? How can you market to them so they are repeat customers? At the same time, what can you incorporate for the remaining 80%? How do you encourage that first-time purchase? Studies show that customized shopping experiences play a role in consumer’s decisions. Such an experience often results in them adding other items to their checkout cart they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. This can be an excellent way to boost sales while satisfying consumer shopping experiences.

Subscription Services

An excellent way to gain repeat business is by offering subscription services. Marketing something you have people can use again and again is a great idea. They love the convenience of those items delivered to them. For example, meal delivery plans, cosmetic/beauty products, and clothing are prime examples. 

Consumers enjoy the flexibility because they can choose the frequency of delivery. They can often pick from several plans to fit their budget and needs. The items sent to them are either selected by the consumer or personalized based on information about the person and other data. While the consumer can cancel the subscription anytime, most continue it because they love what they receive! 

Embracing New Technology to Grow your Business

Evolution is important for any e-commerce business to thrive. Embracing change and enticing consumers with the benefits of technology is a game changer! Part of success is awareness of the trends and how to best apply them to your niche audience. All of these technologies are going to continue to grow. The sooner a business puts them in motion, the more successful they can be!

Offering exceptional customer service is important for any business. The use of these technologies reduces customer complaints, reduces returns, and reduces refund requests. They provide a winning outcome for the business and the consumer! With the framework in place, the company can continue to move in new directions while remaining loyal to core values.

If your business doesn’t offer live chat assistance, such technology is important to consumers. They can get information, questions answered, and resolve issues instantly. They don’t have to wait for a representative on the phone or a reply to an email. Live chat can influence their decision to buy right now.

Consumers have plenty of options, so make sure they know what you offer. When you make it convenient for them to connect, visualize the purchase, and make decisions based on their preferences you empower them. You give them the ultimate shopping experience every single time! 


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