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5 Reasons To Purchase A Pre-Sale Land

5 Reasons To Purchase A Pre-Sale Land

Purchase A Pre-Sale Land: Making a real estate development requires a lot of planning and effort: plans, permits, contracts, etc. So real estate developments will not be creat overnight. As small as it may seem to you. The construction of development requires some time to verify that the new residents are comfortable and happy and to deliver the product with the best finishes to make it easier to move and install your owners.

In addition, this time is an excellent opportunity to grow your money or better plan your move. For example. Foreigners planning to retire to Mexico use this time to review all their documents and other legal situations. In contrast, others decide to take advantage of pre-sales due to the decrease in the cost of the property that will later increase when the developments finish.

Of course, there are also other advantages that you can obtain when buying pre-sale lands. Such as being able to acquire a financing plan depending on the type of real estate and property. Next, we will give you five reasons to encourage you to do it and lose your fear of investing with this modality.

Purchase A Pre-Sale Land- Lower Price

As we have already told you, one of the most important advantages of buying in pre-sale is the possibility of acquiring a property at a lower price than it would typically cost you.

And this does not mean that the property loses its value. On the contrary.For example. Imagine that you acquire a real estate development in the north of the city of Mérida -the area with the highest added value in pre-sale.

Increase The Return On Your Investment

Buying pre-sale land increases the return on your investment without losing the opportunity to acquire returns. We had already half-explained it in the previous point. But when you buy a pre-sale property, its value, in the long run. Remains the same, only you paid a lower price for it.

Capital Gains On The Rise

As we have already repeated in previous points. The capital gains of pre-sale developments are generally on the rise. Because you are acquiring a pre-sale development when the development will finish. The price will be higher and more if you are already buying in an area whose capital gain will guarante.

If you want to acquire a good in the north of the city. It will cost more than doing it in another part such as the south or east of Mérida. However, acquiring a property. For example. Within an area that is still under construction will not reduce the price of capital gains just because it will not yet finish.

In the end, the added value depends on the area. The location, and elements that are not directly related to the property -such as the services and establishments around it- and the construction process does not alter the value of the property. Surplus-value, so you can acquire a lot at an affordable price about the area. With the certainty that your property is worth and will be worth much more thanks to its location.

Purchase A Pre-Sale Land

In addition, we must consider that part of the reason the capital gain is on the rise is that the surroundings of the areas begin to grow in the same way.

Suppose you have already read our definitive guide for real estate investors. In that case. You will already know that before investing in real estate. You should think long-term, so it is essential to review the development plans of the city or area where you plan to invest your money.

We emphasize how important it is to acquire a pre-sale real estate development. You can guarantee your investment while increasing your returns. Many people take advantage of the pre-sale waiting time to plan their moves and retirement if they are foreigners.

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Opportunity For Growth

Acquiring in a pre-sale real estate development allows you an opportunity for growth.To begin with, you can choose which batch you want. It can be essential to ensure the return on your investment and your comfort. For example. Some prefer to acquire properties located at the entrance of the residential areas. While there are investors who like the lots located on the corners.

Acquiring a pre-sale lot can allow you to be among the first to choose your location. So you will have a broader menu than when the real estate development will  finishe and marketing to the public.

And as we mentioned in the previous point. This waiting time can give you the opportunity for your surroundings to begin to grow with new shops. Schools or exclusive services that can help you improve your quality of life and that of your family or future guests.

On the other hand, some use this pre-sale waiting time to plan and have everything ready for their move: either for retirement, newly married couples looking to move. Or those who decide to move out of state. And they still have to make some arrangements like driving long distances.

Low Maintenance Costs

Purchase A Pre-Sale Land: One of the advantages of acquiring a pre-sale property is that these properties are new. It can help you avoid making maintenance expenses that you would incur when acquiring real estate with a considerable time to live. In addition. Being new, the pre-sale properties already have some integrated facilities such as washers and dryers or air conditioners. Same as in other older properties you would have to do on your own.

On the other hand, when talking about maintenance fees. Some investors who are just starting in the real estate industry still have doubts about the maintenance fees paid in developments.

Real estate agencies or developers have these fees, which will pay once people start to inhabit the properties. Their objective is to maintain the amenities. The objective is to keep the common areas in the best conditions to guarantee that all residents can enjoy and live peacefully with the certainty that they are inhabiting a space that promotes and improves their quality of life.

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Review 5 Reasons To Purchase A Pre-Sale Land.

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