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Refinansiering På Dagen – Why Same-Day Refinancing is Worth Considering


Debt refinancing is something that has started gaining popularity, especially among homeowners with expensive mortgage debts. The process of refinancing an existing debt is usually long and can sometimes be really tedious, causing a lot of folks to give up without even trying.

Thankfully, our fast-paced world demand for quicker solutions has resulted in this solution that we will be discussing in this article. We are referring to Same Day Refinancing, a loan solution that can be approved and funds released on the same day or dagen as you as the Norwegians will call it.

Let us dive into this solution. First, we will start by explaining what refinancing is for those who may have some confusion.

What is Refinancing?

This is a financial solution that enables you to pay off an existing loan with a new loan. This usually becomes necessary when the term of the existing loan is expensive and becomes difficult for you to carry on with. If you get a cheaper and more pocket-friendly loan offer, you can decide to take this cheaper loan offer and pay off the old expensive one.

By doing this, you save yourself some money because you would have liquidated the existing loan and will now be left with this new loan for which you will be making lower repayments. This is exactly what refinancing means.

Understanding the Concept of Same Day Refinancing

Same-day refinancing is yet a new concept as not many lenders may be offering this solution. That said, it is not necessarily something outrageous or much different from other same-day loan offers that currently abound. To help us get a better grasp of this concept, we must first interrogate the reason behind the delays usually associated with getting such loans approved in our traditional settings.

First, delays can be traced to the business processes adopted by most traditional lenders. These include the mountain of paperwork required, financial history, banking history, credit rating, and even personality checks. You can learn more about what lenders look for when reviewing a loan application here. The process of assembling all this information results in delays experienced.

Fast forward to today and the digitization and centralization of information and these reasons why delays used to occur begin to look absurd. Financial institutions no longer need to wait for days to know everything they need to know about a potential customer and his/her financial dealings. With a few keystrokes on the keyboard, they can have all the information they need to make a decision.

With this in mind, we can see how accessing the same-day refinancing loans no longer looks like a miracle of some sort. The basis for approving or declining can be determined in a few minutes and the customer giving his/her answer. Therefore, there is no reason why more lenders will not be offering this solution in the near future.

The Benefits of Same-Day Refinancing

There are a number of benefits to be derived from taking advantage of same-day refinancing loans. We will quickly look at the more obvious ones below:


This is obviously a major benefit that can be enjoyed by this solution. Rather than having to wait for days and even weeks for your application to be reviewed and responded to, you can get it all sorted within a day, allowing you to make any necessary plans.

With all the paperwork and other manual processes eliminated from the process, applicants can now submit their documents and applications online and get a response within a noticeably short time. Aside from saving you time, it will also save you the stress of having to visit the lender’s office several times. With most offering online applications, you do not even have to visit the lender’s office at all. You simply apply from the comfort of your home, get approval, and have the funds disbursed to you immediately.

Cost Saving

This is another major benefit that this solution offers. The ability to replace an expensive loan with a more affordable one will obviously save you money both in the long run and in the short term. The fact that the process is started and concluded on the same day means that the savings can begin immediately.

With traditional systems, you might have had to continue to make the expensive repayment for a month or two more while awaiting the verdict on your application. This will not be the case with same-day approval. You will remove other costs associated with having a long approval period. This may include the cost of visiting the lender or even making numerous calls to follow up on your application.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Sometimes, the reason for seeking refinancing may have to do with your desire to take advantage of an opportunity that has just come up. Quick access to this financing can help you access more funds depending on the type of loan being refinanced.

Truth be told, you will be hard-pressed to find one reason why a same-day refinancing plan is not good or will have a negative effect. The few benefits we have shared above do not cover the entire spectrum of benefits. Just think of all the benefits that you can enjoy with well-executed financing and add to it the same-day factor and you will have a better understanding of why this solution is awesome.

You can learn about the general benefits of refinancing here:

Important things to Note before Applying.

Just before you rush off to apply for a same-day refinancing loan, there are a few important things you should not do. This will help you prepare adequately before starting the process.


It is important to note that not everyone will qualify for this or any other type of loan for that matter. You must find out what the lender(s) you want to apply to with the requirements of its applicants. Generally, you can expect that a good credit score among other things will be required. Your income as well as debt-to-income ratio may also be major factors.

Take some time to know what criteria will be demanded and ensure that you meet them or work towards meeting them before applying.

Loan Terms and Associated Costs

Every lender will have their terms of service among other things. Take some time to carry out proper due diligence. Look at the interest rate that the new loan will attract, the repayment term, closing costs, and any other costs and fees that you may have to pay.

Putting all of these into consideration will help you properly determine whether indeed a loan is suitable for you or not. You do not want to jump from one fire to another. Refinancing is only worth it when you will be spending less servicing the new loan.

Overall Financial Goals

Regardless of all the benefits that refinancing may offer, it may not be necessary or even beneficial to everyone. You will need to determine your specific needs and financial goals to be sure that it is something that you need.

If you have an expensive mortgage loan but will be selling the house in a short while, it makes no sense to begin to bother about refinancing. This is just one example of where your goals are not aligned to take advantage of the benefits that refinancing may offer.

Compare Lenders

Do not just sign up with any lender you find. Given the importance of this transaction and the benefits you hope to enjoy from it, you should take some time to compare among as many lenders as you can. The goal is to go with a lender that will offer the best rates and customer experience.

By comparing what different lenders offer, you will also be able to see the range of options at your disposal. This way, you can make your decision, knowing that you have chosen with a full understanding of what you will be getting from the lender.


As we develop and evolve, we expect different aspects of our daily dealings to improve and become more efficient. We have discussed one area in which we are experiencing such increased efficiency. Using the information shared in this article, you can begin to search for a lender that can offer you a refinancing solution that will best fit your financial situation.

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