When we think of Bingo, we probably don’t automatically think of Italy in 1530. But the origins of modern Bingo derive from a popular game incorrectly cited on many forums as, ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’.

The correct wording and spelling are, in fact, ‘Gioco del Lotto’. Semantics aside, we do know that by the end of the 1700 ‘Le Lotto’ was all the rage in France.

This version of the game is remarkably similar to what we’d call ‘bingo’ which featured cards with three rows and nine columns, each with a random number from 1 to 90. A caller would randomly draw reciprocating numbers from a sack, and the first person to get all the numbers in a horizontal row declared the winner.

When Bingo, or Beano as it was once called, hit the US, the game’s popularity spread far and wide even becoming a fundraising staple for churches. With its uniquely wholesome credentials, Bingo’s appeal was embraced by communities not normally associated with monetised gaming.

In the past couple of decades, traditional brick-and-mortar Bingo halls have seen a decline in attendance, with some even closing for good. This has been down to a combination of factors, one of which is the ease of playing bingo with Jackpotjoy with a smartphone or such.

But as many as 100 million people around the world play regularly, so while the Bingo halls go dark, smartphones are lighting up. Today we’re going to take a look at the technology that’s driving our continued love for a game enjoyed by young and old alike.

The technology improving bingo gaming

And it all begins with your device.


If we were all playing Snake on our Nokia 3310’s there would be no online Bingo revolution. Having the hardware to be able to sustain the online technology to play Bingo on the go has been crucial.

Of course, we also need to acknowledge the advancements of ‘online’ as well, especially 3/4/5G, which has taken Bingo away from the constraints of wireless broadband. With that in mind, we can consider some wider factors.

Live Streaming

For those old enough to remember the thrill of a live game, live streaming is available to anyone with online access. This makes the game more sociable (as originally intended) and arguably more immersive as it’s more of a shared experience with like-minded people.


You don’t have to get into live streaming if you want to add a touch of social interaction to your game. Chatting features are on hand to give your game that feeling of authenticity, and even if you don’t use it, it’s sort of nice to know it’s there for you.


It’s never been safer to play online, thanks to advancements in online security. However you’d be wise to take heed of this section if you’re still transferring money to your preferred site by bank transfer.

Digital Wallets (such as PayPal) are far superior because they offer end-toned encryption, meaning that the payee can’t see your details. Crypto Wallets are even better because they use blockchain technology, meaning that you’re completely anonymous to the website.

Random Number Generators

Or RNGs as they’re known in the business, have helped to make casino games, Bingo included, that require the provision of numbers fairer. This means that when you’re playing online Bingo you can be assured that no one is pulling the strings in the background…

Auto Daubing

It’s not always possible to manually daub numbers when they’re called, I mean you’ve only got one pair of hands! Auto daubing allows you to play a game without doing anything save watching the action unfold.

VR Bingo

Okay, this isn’t something that everyone has access to. But they do exist and as the technology to access cyber spaces becomes more affordable, we may only be scratching the surface.

VR Bingo allows players to virtually walk into a bingo hall and play with other virtually existing players. Maybe the only reason this isn’t bigger now is because the technology to make it work is costly and, frankly, cumbersome.

This might change as smart glasses enter the market to replace headsets and the demand for VR Bingo sees more investment in VR games. But at the moment, in case you hadn’t noticed, developers are still focussing on ever more dynamic games.

This may even be enough to leave things as they are and let the VR stuff exist on the peripheries of online Bingo or even stop it dead in its tracks. But what we know for now is the future of Bingo is looking bright.

Sure, the land Bingo Halls may be on the decline, but online Bingo is still getting into its stride. It’s also attracting a much younger audience; a new generation is starting to enjoy a game that older generations have been playing for decades.

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