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The Value of Fund Administrator: Everything you Need to Know


Almost every business in today’s world has an investment management process. In this process, fund administration is known as the most critical component. With the help of an efficient and accurate workflow of administrative functions, including accounting and reporting, fund managers can focus on more important tasks when running a profitable business.

To improve the investor relations, outsourcing a fund administration team is becoming increasingly popular. As a fund manager or a sponsor, it is crucial to understand the importance of the administration process to navigate the changing environment in the fund management process.

Read on to explore the responsibilities of fund administrators in private fund management companies.

Role and Services of Fund Administration 

The primary role of an investment manager is to produce alpha for the investors. For this, they manage the job in-house or outsource it to find an administrator. The role and services of a professional administrator vary depending on the size and complexities of the company. It also depends on what is operated under management.

Some of the key roles of fund administrator are:

  1. Reducing the Cash Flow

In an economic downturn, the cash flow of your organization might get into problems. In such times, no organization wants to endanger their long-term relations with the suppliers and clients. All of this makes it a sensitive factor to consider. 

The cash flow operations decrease because of the rise in the asset balance. To increase the cash flow, the asset balance needs to go down. 

  1. Reporting Management 

The main role of the fund administrator is to prepare and distribute various reports to the investors and regulatory agencies involved in the process.

The administrator is responsible for providing performance reports, tax reports, and compliance reports to ensure transparency.

  1. Improve Company Performance 

Every business owner is in the need to make their business grow and escalate success. But in some cases, they are less familiar with the areas that need to be improved.

In such scenarios, a fund administrator will help the business to improve its operation results in increasing the performance.

  1. Investor Services

If any firm or organization has a dedicated fund manager, the prime point is a fund administrator. They are responsible for providing accurate information throughout the investment cycle that helps in enabling the investors’ relations.

  1. Regulatory Compliance 

Professional administrative services in an organization revolve around ensuring the fund complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

The role also includes filling reports and disclosures to all the applicable laws and regulations in the process.

When Should A Business Start Working With Fund Administration?

A fund administrator is a third-party service that handles investors’ relations along with the valuation and verifying of the fund’s assets. By delegating the responsibility to the fund administrators, fund managers can work on portfolio management. As these services are outsourced, the fund administrators provide operationally efficient services.

When it comes to strengthening your relations with the investors, your business will find a need to select fund administrators that offer business intelligence solutions to determine effective communication with investors. If your business is in need of hiring a fund administrator, ensure that the professional is familiar with the advanced technology and leverage software to deliver excellent client services and scalable processes.

Why Do Businesses Need A Fund Administration?

There are various complexities and challenges that fund managers face during the fund management process and building effective relations with the investors. While focusing on the formation of new funds and managing the portfolio, the fund manager finds the primary need of the fund administrator team to handle all the accounting responsibilities.

How Can You Hire The Best Administrator For Your Private Equity Company?

When it comes to hiring a fund administrator for your firm, there are numerous factors and pointers that need to be considered. Aside from having industry experience, every firm has different needs.

You need to ensure that your fund administrator provides you with all the customized solutions and focus on improving the performance of your firm. The fund administrator must have a clear and defined goal for your company’s success. 

Along with these qualities, the fund administrator must have the ability to understand our fund structure, investment strategy, and further accounting support to make your company competitive.

It is crucial for businesses to assess the reputation of a fund administrator and track the record of any investor reporting. The process included reviewing their experience, qualification, and their references.

It is also advised to check their regulatory history and past issues so you hire a professional with a proper skill set.

Various private equity funds have different strategies and structure for the investment. To handle these, businesses need different types of fund administrative support that meet the requirements.

So, when planning to hire a fund administrator, consider a professional team or individual with diverse scope and experience for different investment projects in private equity companies.

Review The Value of Fund Administrator: Everything you Need to Know.

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