URL Shorteners for Small Businesses

A URL shortener is an all-in-one tool that can make your links stand apart, boost the small business , and optimize your marketing efforts to suit the target audience. While companies wish to connect with their audiences on all platforms, they can utilize URL shortener tools to improve traffic to their webpage and allow viewers to recall the shared link easily. For brands looking to customize their links to drive better engagement and build a strong connection and communication with their audience, a short URL works well, but a custom URL makes an even more powerful impact.

Comparing the many URL shorteners in the market, how can one get a better idea of which to pick? Read the following list of tools to find what can fit your small business perfectly, but let’s first focus on the benefits of using a URL shortener for your business.

5 Benefits of URL Shorteners for Your Business

Boosts Your Google Rankings

Sharing a shorter link is more manageable than a long, convoluted one. Your links should be short and easy to understand by google and other search engines so that they can rank higher. According to Backlinko, short URLs have an advantage over lengthy URLs when it comes to google rankings.

Track Your Performance Easily

One of the most exciting advantages of a URL shortener is that it enables you to track every link that you have published so far. Branded short links help you drive traffic and 39% more click throughs according to the Bitly report.

Share/Copy Your Link on Online Platforms

With a short link, sharing and copying become easier. So your customers can tell their experience through your links, which can boost your small business sales.

Increased Engagement

A shortened URL is more likely to be clicked by your audience if it’s associated directly with your brand. Furthermore, shortened URLs, according to Rebrandly, can boost interaction by 39%.

Top 8 URL Shortener Recommendations


It is one of the most prominent URL shorteners out there. You can choose this URL shortener if you want your URL shortener to do more than shorten links. Bitly gives you a ton of data that helps you track your link better.

Bitly dashboard offers you demographic data, referral sources, and click rates that help you see how your link performs. There is also an option for a basic or enterprise subscription that makes branded links available, QR codes, and richer data and gives you multiple users. A free-of-cost Bitly account provides analytics as well as customization for an individual.


Pixelfy is the latest entry to the existing link management softwares that can help small businesses to sell their products and grow their audience more effectively.

With the URL shortener Pixelfy Amazon, retailers can use pixels for retargeting their webpage traffic. Then, a range of Super URLs explicitly created for Amazon will receive traffic through the technology.

It is the BEST Super URL changer to use this tracking link. To ascertain the date and time of the search, the keyword attribution, and many other details, Pixelfy’s proprietary bot builds Amazon’s precise URL.


If you create a free account with this URL shortener, you get your own branded short link. This URL shortener offers tracking, optimization, and scaling tools in our packages.

It allows you to add your brand name on every link you share so that your trust builds between you and your customers.


With the help of clever contextual triggers, you may automatically reroute users using the URL shortening tool Clkim. You may direct people to an appropriate website, for instance, based on their mobile operating system or location. Splitting traffic between two locations will allow you to see which one converts the best.

The analytics dashboard offers data that users can use to enhance their marketing efforts, interactions, and outcomes. Find out where your visitors are coming from, which links are working the best, and what influence you are having.


You can shorten, name, manage, and track all of your links using Cuttly’s link management platform. Information on clicks, social media clicks, page referrers, devices, browsers, systems, and geolocation is provided by thorough analytics.

Get QR codes and customize your brand name. Additionally, there is an option to construct alternate link redirection for mobile devices as well as a built-in UTM code generator.


This URL shortener can help you add a call to action in each link that you create using this shortener. For instance, if you connected to a piece of material from a third party, you might place an overlay with a button that links back to your website on that site.

You can publish on social media more frequently by selecting content from outside sources. After that, add a message to the short links encouraging people to take action, like subscribing to your newsletter.


The first and still free link shortener, TinyURL now provides businesses with a complete platform for link management. If you get a premium account you can also manage, track and promote your small business in addition to creating a short link.

To make abbreviated URLs more user-friendly, you can alter their end or use your own branded domain. It helps you determine where the users are clicking your link and how many times they have clicked and shared it. You can also monitor your performance through the dashboard.


The premium commercial version of the original, cost-free Tiny.cc URL shortener is called TinyCC.com. Using its straightforward interface, you may manage, track, brand, and shorten many URLs.

Additionally, you can add retargeting pixels to short links to track interest in particular products and increase advertising ROI. It will automatically route visitors based on language preferences.TinyCC.com


According to a recent report, 54% of small businessmen reported that their social media strategy has contributed greatly to their success, while 40% of small business owners still don’t have an effective social media strategy. Short branded URLs are a great way to give a boost to your existing strategy by achieving more shares and click throughs on the platform. You may increase referral traffic and the number of leads generated by your marketing efforts by employing a URL shortener to ensure your site is accessible across multiple platforms.

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