Van transportation business: If you have a van, you have a valuable asset. If you don’t, after reading this article, you may want to consider purchasing one to pursue that long-term business idea or any of the business ideas we will suggest.

Van Transportation Business – Courier & Delivery Service

The first of the business ideas we propose is self-evident, and I’m sure you’ve all thought of it. Setting up a courier service is almost always associated with vans.

  • Almost no one today is aware that, in addition to creating your brand from the ground up, you can
  • Become a franchisee of industry leaders such as Nacex, TNT, Tourmaline Express, MRW, UPS, etc.

Mobile Food Businesses Or Food Trucks

Mobile Food Businesses Or Food Trucks

A Food Truck, for those who are unfamiliar, is a mobile bar or restaurant mounted on a van or truck. The kitchen will set on the inside, and one of the sides is transformable to open to attend to and serve customers. This type of business is more common in other countries around us.

The gastronomic offerings of this type of establishment typically range from traditional fast food items like hamburgers, pizzas, Mexican food, kebabs, and hot dogs to more elaborate things like vegan food, tapas, and the like.

Another option is to set up businesses such as bakeries, patisseries or churrerías.

  • In Covid19, when outdoor consumption prevails due to the lower chances of contagion. This business idea, which also implies lower establishment costs. can be a way to save small bars or restaurants that see their capacity reduced by restrictions sanitary.
  • It is not enough to have a van or small truck. We must take it to a specialized workshop to adapt it to meet the necessary conditions to provide the service to the customer and also to accommodate the required kitchen equipment: oven, refrigerators, shelves, irons, sinks. dishwashers, burners.
  • We must remember that the smaller the space we have. the more we will have to use our imagination to make the workplace an optimal place to spend many hours in the best possible conditions.
  • Regarding regulations, you must consider that dictat  the municipalities about the possibilities of locating your Food Truck. For example, you can always reach agreements to establish your business in private areas, in shopping centres.
  • Do not forget that being a workplace. You must comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention legislation as if it were a place. The changes in the van or truck must also  correspondingly will approv.
  • If you want an example of this type of business, you can see this ImAGE of the Food Truck Chopper
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Mechanical Workshops on Wheels

When it comes to business ideas, imagination is your best ally. Any service that can perform at home will almost certainly assemble with the assistance of a van. Can perform not all repair services on public roads, but some can will do in private areas, expanding the range of services available. Why not set up a workshop on wheels? You can bring the workshop to the customer’s home instead of having them come to yours.

A van will provide us with storage space for spare parts and machinery and a location to perform specific tasks that we cannot perform abroad. Who says vehicle maintenance, cleaning, or electronic equipment installation can’t do just about anywhere?

Some companies specialize in preparing the interior of vans for use as a workshop. You can see what options you have by searching for “van mobile workshop” on Google. When budgeting for your van’s tuning, this is an excellent place to start.

Van Transportation Business – Veterinary Services

Especially when thinking about large animals, having a van with the necessary equipment in the style of a mobile ICU can open the market to other animals other than dogs, cats or the like, more common in the classic veterinary clinics established in a local.

Various Retailers

Other businesses that can run from a van are easy to come up with. Walk around any town or city market to see how a lingerie boutique, a shoe store, a food store. Or any other similar business can  will form in a vehicle with sufficient capacity and implemented after the necessary reforms.

Other businesses to consider are florists, hairdressers, cell phone stores, sunglasses stores, photocopying or binding services, and bicycle rental. In other words, if a restaurant can fit in a van, so can almost any small business.

Now that you’ve come up with a few business ideas, you can focus on the one that appeals to you the most and begin developing your business plan. We’ve included a link where you can learing how to create a business plan to will start on the right foot.

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