Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle can be a life-affirming experience, but it comes with its risks. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it’s essential to know what to do immediately following one. By taking the right steps, a rider can ensure his or her safety, protect his or her rights and get the help he or she needs.

Assess Injuries

The first step after a motorcycle accident is to assess any injuries. If a rider is seriously injured, he or she should not move and wait for emergency services to arrive. If the rider is conscious and able to move, he or she should check for injuries such as broken bones, lacerations or head trauma. If he or she is in pain, he or she should not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Contact Emergency Services

Once a rider has assessed the injuries, the next step is to contact emergency services (even before calling a motorcycle injury attorney). If someone else is nearby, the rider should ask him or her to call 911. If the rider has a working phone, he or she can call emergency services. The sooner emergency services arrive, the better, as the medics can provide immediate medical care and assess the accident scene.

Gather Information

After emergency services have been contacted, a rider should gather as much information as possible about the accident. This includes taking photos or videos of the accident scene, the vehicles involved and any injuries. A rider should also exchange information with the other driver (if present), including his or her name, contact information, insurance information and driver’s license number. It’s important to avoid discussing fault or apologizing for the accident, as this can be used against the rider in any legal proceedings.

Seek Legal Assistance

If a rider is involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to seek legal assistance. A personal injury attorney can help protect the rider’s rights and ensure he or she receives fair compensation for any damages or injuries. An attorney can also help navigate the legal process and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the rider.

File an Accident Report

In most states, it’s required by law to file an accident report with the local police department. A rider should do this as soon as possible after the accident. The accident report will document the details of the accident, including any injuries or property damage. It will also be used as evidence in any legal proceedings.

Repair Your Motorcycle

After a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial to repair any damage to the motorcycle. A rider should take his or her motorcycle to a trusted mechanic or repair shop to assess the damage and make any necessary repairs. It’s important to ensure the motorcycle is safe to ride before getting back on the road.

While riding a motorcycle can be exciting, it’s important to be prepared for the risks that come with it. If a motorcycle accident does occur, taking the right steps immediately following the accident can help ensure the rider’s safety and protect his or her rights. By following these steps, a rider can move forward from the accident with the necessary resources and support to recover physically, emotionally and financially.

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