Technology is, whether you like it or indeed, you do not, has taken over virtually every aspect of modern life. Moreover, when you are looking for an enticing and rewarding professional pathway to pursue, big data is one of the fastest-growing sectors. So, with that being said, continue reading to discover the top four career pathways working with big data.

Big Data: A Practical Definition

You would assume that if you are indeed interested in working with big data, you are fully versed in what it actually is, but to refresh your memory, here is the succinct definition.

Big data is essentially collated and stored information that is so fast, large, or complicated that traditional methods are ineffective in processing it. Working solely with big data and developing innovative ways to analyze and use said information provides businesses of any size and scope with never-before-accessed insights and helps them make more educated decisions.

When committed to a career working exclusively with big data, it is strongly advisable to look into the acquisition of an online masters in applied economics, which will provide you with a fantastically detailed and in-depth knowledge base.

1.    Data Scientist

One of the more well-known careers within the field of big data is that of a data scientist, whose role it is to use their skills and experience to construct, design, trial, and manage new business processes extracted from the data they collate.

Jobs in data science are incredibly competitive and are widely accepted to be the most sought-after careers of all working with big data so exclusively.

2.    Data Architect

The second most enthralling career within the field of big data is that of a data architect.

Data architects are the people who design the actual structure of data frameworks, creating complex databases, which they then move on to building and putting into practice. The average annual salary for a qualified data architect in the US ranges between $123,000 and $128.500.

An ever-increasingly important role a part of a data architect’s job is preparing thorough design reports to present to the relevant heads of the department they are working with.

3.    Business Intelligence Analyst

An extremely niche pathway, but certainly one which will ensure your work is always challenging and rewarding in equal measure, is an aspiration to work in the field of business intelligence analysis.

Business intelligence is centered around using, monitoring, and managing tools and systems which process data and utilizing said data to more effectively manage data warehousing systems and database management systems.

4.    Big Data Engineer

The fourth and final top career pathway to consider involving working with big data on a daily basis is that of a big data engineer. Naturally, the development and maintenance of complicated data processing systems requires a specialist who possesses a wealth of knowledge in everything to do with the collection of data. Big data engineers exclusively work with huge volumes of product, customer, or organization information, all geared towards creating a viable and profitable growth and expansion plan for the company they are working for.

In 2023, the average salary for a big data engineer ranges between approximately $82,000 and $89,00 a year.

Review Working with Big Data: 4 Top Career Pathways.

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