5 WordPress Plugins you Dare not Ignore as a Content Marketer

Content marketing is fast exploding in today’s digital marketing space. The affordability and sustainability it brings to lead generation have made content marketing a favorite among marketers today.

With the increasing adoption of content marketing, content management systems (CMS) are coming to the forefront. CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal arguably count among the best in the market today.

This piece will explore some of the best WordPress plugins for content marketers looking to seamlessly scale their content production and distribution.

You are definitely going to need the Editorial Calendar

Scheduling your content is equally important as much as creating content. You must be able to manage the content adequately you create with appropriate timing.

The Editorial Calendar promises adequate and planned scheduling and management of your curated content. This way, you are consistent in doling out relevant content to your audience at the best intervals.

With the Editorial Calendar, you can view the posts you have made, including those you have published. The drag-and-drop features of the Editorial Calendar make using it seamless and quick.

Most importantly, in a massive content development system, this plugin allows you to robustly manage several posts from several authors.

Outbrain is another plugin making its mark in the content niche in WordPress

Well, based on popularity, Jetpack supersedes Outbrain. But such a massive popularity margin between Jetpack and Outbrain doesn’t translate to the former beating Outbrain helplessly in functionality.

Outbrain, as a plugin, stands out for its content recommendation system. With this feature on board, you will be able to generate personalized links which are associated with whatever post you seek to locate.

Just like the commonality of WordPress plugins, Outbrain comes with image thumbnails.

On top of this, Outbrain features text-based recommendations.

This is quite common with most WordPress plugins. Outbrain is more attractive to the end WordPress user as the latter enjoy responsive design even as far as making improvements to the traffic shaping.

Outbrain is free to use. All you need to start utilizing its services is a WordPress 4.0 or something more recent and sophisticated.

The PrePost SEO is a mandatory acquisition for creating mesmeric content

The engagement of content is essentially not tied to its quantity but rather to its quality. Such quality is built around a targeted placement of keywords in the content so that it does perform well on search engines.

Keyword density is one important consideration we must make, down through meta tags and image optimization for appropriate search engine optimization. PrePost SEO guarantees you of all these.

Aside from these, the PrePost SEO helps you to ascertain your content originality, enabling you to avoid plagiarism.

So with this plugin, you could analyze the meta tags and keyword density. The plugin would readily proffer suggestions to you that would improve your content.

Word Stats is a great addition to plugins that would ramp up the quality of your content

This plugin would help you massively in generating state-of-the-art content that extensively engages your audience.

Aside from the word count, this plugin would enable you to access a graph indicating a monthly word count pertaining to the sort of post you are making.

This plugin gives you a good knowledge of the keywords that are performing more in a particular niche.

The Word Stats is famous for its diagnostic table. This table would form a network of posts that urgently need modification.

Such posts needing your attention, as could be highlighted by the diagnostic table, can be those with insufficient word length.

The diagnostic table can also flag posts whose quality is deficient, thereby not making a good read.

All these corrections carried out by this plugin sort of resemble a linguistic test carried out on the content you produced.

Lastly, you need to try Search Everything for content that drives traction

Content production is agreeably an endless journey.

It is, therefore, possible that in the engulfment of creating new blogs, you lose could lose count and idea of what you have done before.

Consequently, creating something new, fresh, and entertaining for your audience becomes quite a demanding hurdle to climb.

However, with Search Everything, you have your automated succor. With this plugin, you can search through the content you created in the past, helping you navigate the path to creating something fresh and new.

Avoiding a possible repetition of content is one way to maintain the vibes and freshness of your website, such that your audience is always getting something new.

We hope this list of plugins will help you create more appealing and engaging content for your audience.

This way, they keep coming back for more. At the end of the day, your audience is glued to you for the superlative quality of content you are creating for them.

Review 5 WordPress Plugins you Dare not Ignore as a Content Marketer.

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