With changing scenarios, schools and educational institutes are changing too. Schools are becoming digitalized and are including new technologies like school ERP and student information system. These software applications make the work of school administration much easier and streamlined, making it easier for them to provide quality education to students and manage the institute well.

Some of how these software help schools are:

  • To teach students online
  • Create online course material for students using LMS
  • Communicate with parents, students and teachers through online modes like email and chat box
  • Store student data i.e; academic records, personal data, and certificates in the student information system securely
  • Manage the school library using the library management system
  • Collect fees online through the online payment mode

Now you know how school ERP is useful for schools, but what about the parents? The school ERP system is used by schools to communicate with parents and students. So it becomes crucial for parents to know how this software can help them and their children. In this article, you would get to know how school ERP helps parents.

Parents-Teacher Communication: Having communication between guardians and teachers is crucial, especially now, when the whole learning system has shifted online. The school ERP helps the parents to communicate with teachers virtually, this enhances parents-teacher collaborations. Collaborations in which both parents and teachers can work together to find and implement better ways to help students. It’s a great thing because now parents can become involved in their child’s learning journey.

Attendance Insights: Attendance plays a crucial role in the student’s life, and parents know this. The percentage of attendance can determine the student’s chances of giving exams, affecting their results. Parents can now keep track of their child’s attendance using the attendance management module of the school ERP. And the track record can also be used in case of an emergency.

Daily Insights: The reports and analytical tools of the school ERP help the parents to keep a record of students’ daily learning. As parents it becomes crucial for them to stay aware of the academic progress of their child, they can see which online courses a student is learning, how much he/she scored on the assignment, what feedback is given by the teacher etc. Using these reports parents can guide and help their child to improve wherever they need.

Parent’s Mobile App: In today’s time when every person has a smartphone, the mobile accessibility of any app, website or software becomes crucial. Having a parent’s app is a boon not only for parents but schools too. With the help of the parent’s mobile app guardians can contact and connect with the school at any time and from anywhere. This gives them extra accessibility to communicating through a laptop or computer.

Homework and Assignments: It often happens that lower-grade kids forget about their homework or assignments. In such cases, school ERP can help the parents, as they would get alert notifications from the subject teacher regarding students’ homework and assignments. This way students would be able to complete their homework within time through parent’s assistance.

Transport Alert System: The school ERP has a transport management module, which takes care of all the details related to the school bus. It tracks the route taken by the driver, changes in route, pick-up and drop-out timing and school bus fees etc. Parents can check all these things using the school ERP and can know about the well-being of their children. It also builds trust between the school and parents because of the transparent communication system.

Online Fees Payment: Now parents don’t have to wait in long lines at the school fees collection counter. With the help of school fees management software, parents can now make online payments of the fees. It’s a simple, secure and swift way of fee payment which saves their time, and they will get an e-receipt as proof, which will be sent to their email too.

Query Box:  It is a dedicated feature of a school ERP which is only concerned with taking queries and feedback from the parents and replying to them with appropriate answers as soon as possible.

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