The SAFe scrum master certification course is a twoday course that helps in learning the fundamental team works of SCRUM and also helps in analyzing the responsibility of a Certified SAFe Scrum Master. This certification program is a powerful tool to pursue your career as a scrum master. It helps in unlocking the fundamentals of the role of a scrum master.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It is a 2-day online or classroom training, trained under the guidance of experienced SAFe® Program Consultants. You get to learn about your career in detail. By enrolling in the course, you also get an add-on benefit of a one-year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform which is quite advantageous. Apart from learning theoretical skills, you also gain practical knowledge with role plays, games, case studies and simulations.

Although the course is a two-day training, it has several other factors to be considered that results in the successful completion of a scrum master certification course. Here are a few factors that decide the amount of time required to complete the program:

1. Basic Knowledge:

Before enrolling in a training program, you must have a piece of fundamental knowledge about SCRUM. With a clear vision of what a scrum is about, you can master it easily with online training and practices.

2. Practical Knowledge:

Apart from the knowledge gained by learning through the training sessions, it is important to implement the skills in real-life problems. Practical understanding and problem-solving skills are important characteristics of a scrum master that must be self-learned by the candidate out of his interest.

3. Two-day course:

A candidate who is passionate about the profession of a scrum master can take up a two-day scrum master certification course wherein you get to learn the roles and responsibilities of a scrum master from an expert in the same field. Since the duration of learning time is less, this course is preferred by many students. Upon successful completion of the course, you receive a certificate that is a powerful piece of tool to kickstart your career as a scrum master.

4. Self-studying:

Some students prefer self-studying in training institutions. This is a more preferable choice because, during self-learning, you tend to analyze the roles in detail and get to have a clear vision of the pros and cons of being a scrum master. Just purchasing the materials online and learning it out of their interest paves a great career opportunity in the future.

5. Group studying:

Most students don’t opt for group studies for a career-related examination but it is a great way to learn new things. When two or more people join together, they tend to exchange information about a particular field which helps us to acquire more knowledge about our career. Also, by learning together with people running towards the same career as ours, we tend to gain more interest in it and learn new things vigorously with a competitive mindset.

The above-mentioned factors are the key elements that decide the amount of time required to complete the SAFe certification program. SAFe Inc helps in making our society a far better place to live by serving as homeless service providers. Although the learning time required to become a scrum master is less, he must ensure that he implements the skills learned through the course in solving real-life problems.

Not only life-problems but even big business issues. However, there are several technology trends that helps businesses save time, money and achieve the aim.

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