Dedicated Servers to skyrocket

Dedicated servers are widely used for business development. The platform is suitable for launching a website and subsequent expansion of commercial activities. The options for using a dedicated server:

  • Game server. Game hosting with the possibility of organizing private tournaments for a fee. Typically, tenants of a dedicated server receive income in the form of monthly fees for access to the resource, from trading platforms within the game and advertising. As part of increasing the productivity of the company’s employees, you can use the game service for team-building activities. If the team of the department works as a cohesive team, the result of labor is significantly increased and improved. Team building events have a positive effect on the mood of employees, which is sure to affect their productivity.
  • Web Hosting Services. Usually, CPanel and Odin platforms are used for sales management. Hosting customers will be able to create web pages using the control panels. Efficient resource allocation will help provide services to many customers and generate consistent profits.
  • Placement of cloud IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS for the subsequent sale of web servers. Colocation service is implemented using multiple applications and platforms, including a SAN and a dedicated firewall. Dedicated server can meet the needs of any software.
  • Internet telephony services. To effectively deploy a telephone system, you’ll need software like VoIP for voice communications over the Internet. VoIP technology makes it possible to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. To effectively deploy a telephone system, you’ll need software like VoIP for voice communications over the Internet. It is a convenient way to handle incoming and outgoing calls without extra costs. The company’s costs for calls to foreign countries and landlines are significantly reduced. Extensive options, such as storage of records of calls made, are available.
  • Video chat services, online conferences, and training. Using WebRTC protocol is performed transmission of streaming data of any format – audio, video, content. This option is widely used in business consulting services and this may have vpn and antivirus.

Hosting business projects on a dedicated Hostzealot server means ample opportunities and greater speed for applications, websites, and other resources. As a result, customer satisfaction increases, and the bounce rate – the outflow of potential buyers of goods and services – decreases.

Having your own dedicated server opens up a lot of opportunities for business development. Many entrepreneurs are starting their commercial activities on the Internet on a shared hosting platform. As the company expands and the number of customers increases, the website needs more resources. The next step is a virtual private and dedicated servers.

4 ways to use a dedicated server for business development

A dedicated server is an investment with a long-term perspective. If you plan to grow your business and increase your customer base, you will have to take advantage of this platform. One of the main ways to grow your business with a dedicated server is to create websites. Compared to alternatives, such as regular shared hosting, a dedicated one has much more resources and capabilities. If you choose this option, you have room to grow, while increasing the security and protection of your business information.

When the traffic increases, you’ll be ready for it – your website will be able to serve any number of visitors quickly. We’re talking about fast-loading pages, content, photos, and videos. If you use a dedicated server, there is virtually no limit to the number of websites you can host. If you have 5 or more websites, it will be much easier to manage them simultaneously. You will save money and time. How to increase profits and reduce costs:

  • Create a mail server. Having your own mail server means no overpayments for communication services. At the same time, the business owner protects business correspondence and other confidential data from unauthorized access by third parties. Thanks to fine-tuning, it is possible to personalize the work of the email platform, for example, to control e-mail accounts and set up individual parameters for individual groups of users. Other benefits include the ability to set up antivirus programs and use an extended set of firewall options. As a result, you get a spam and hacker-proof, functional, and reliable mail server. It’s an optimal solution for entrepreneurs who have to manage a large number of employees.
  • Create a development server. A development server is necessary when you need to create new, unique content and to improve the performance of a web resource according to individual needs. A development server is a secure environment where new software products can be created and tested.
  • Install and configure a VPN. A VPN means encrypting transmitted data for secure exchange with remote computers. The result of using a VPN is a secure wireless connection and secure traffic. An increase in the number of employees who work remotely leads to the need for increased security measures when sharing sensitive, business information. Having a VPN is about protecting access to network resources and controlling access to information. For example, an entrepreneur can set different access levels for groups of employees according to their rank in the company.
  • Create an FTP server, which, as part of the protocol of the same name, allows you to transfer files over the Internet. As a result, you can download the necessary files almost anywhere in the world. FTP server is useful for the comfortable and smooth transfer of directories and heavy files. Thanks to the flexible settings, you can schedule and restart the transfer, and define the queue for downloading and uploading files. With FTPS and SFTP applications, you can protect transferred files from unauthorized access to the maximum extent possible.

If you have a dedicated server, you can create a database server. In this case, you get the advantages of increased security and privacy. Owners of web sites need to store large amounts of information. Hosting and storing a large amount of data requires a lot of resources, which makes entrepreneurs who rent regular virtual hosting, seek the services of another’s server (provider). In this case, the entrepreneur gets access to the provider’s server where the databases are stored.

Having your own database server means complete control, safety, and inaccessibility of information to unauthorized persons. Using special software, it is possible to organize local access of employees to those data which are necessary for the performance of job duties. This layered approach allows maximum protection of information. To create a database server on a dedicated server with Linux operating system, usually use the platform LAMP. If the Windows operating system is used, you can choose the product XAAMP.

It is reasonable to use a dedicated server for data backup. The threat of cyberattacks forces entrepreneurs to securely protect information posted on a Web site. Such measures help to avoid extortion, blackmail, and other problems associated with fraudsters’ access to sensitive data. Having a backup copy of the site means that you will be able to fully restore its operation within a short period of time. As a result, you won’t lose customers, money, or credibility. In addition to DDoS attacks, other similar problems are possible due to human error. For example, an employee may accidentally delete a necessary file, plugin, or theme. A dedicated server allows you to back up your site without compromising its performance.

A creative approach will help to use a dedicated server with maximum business benefits. IT experts will be reliable assistants in the realization of your plans.

Review 4 Ways you can Use Dedicated Servers to skyrocket your Business.

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