It seems like the future of gaming arrived at the same time that Blockchain technology was introduced to the process. Nowadays, many game developers use Blockchain technology in the process of making games and this gives them the ability to add scarcity, build game economies, and a sense of ownership of digital assets.

Even though many Blockchain games push the limits of this technology, it seems like the most common are horse racing games, and it is not hard to see why.

Horse racing and Blockchain are the perfect combinations since it allows players to own digital horses and compete with them in Metaverse races.

So, if you enjoy browsing through free harness racing picks you will love this game: MetaRace. Let’s find out more about how it works and whether or not you should try it.

What is MetaRace?

Even though there are plenty of Blockchain horse racing games, MetaRace sets itself apart from the competition with its unique blend of real-world racing and digital assets.

MetaRace is the first game developed on Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, which is a blockchain dedicated to the people and the metaverse.

This game is now available on both Android and Apple mobile devices and features interesting gameplay and a couple of different ways that players can earn money.

How Can People Earn Money With MetaRace?

Well, since we are talking about a blockchain game, there are a couple of different ways where people can earn some money.

First of all, MetaRace comes with its own breeding system, where players can breed their own horses and possibly sell them for profit. Additionally, the game features an open marketplace where you can trade horses in form of NFTs.

Another way where players can earn money with MetaRace is by racing their horses. Different competitions will reward a certain amount of tokens to the racehorse winner.


Even though earning money sounds like fun, the game still has to have decent gameplay in order to be interesting for the players. Fortunately, MetaRace doesn’t lack competitiveness. You can choose your horse and enter a race that is shown in a 2.5D perspective.

There are a couple of different tournaments in MetaRace, such as:

Classic Tournament – In order for players to enter, they need to deposit a fixed amount of $META. After the race, the top 5 finishers will earn all the money from the prize pool.

The Grand Prix – This is a 12 horses race competition with multiple elimination rounds

Integral Tournament – This is sort of like practice and tutorial gameplay mode where you can enter without considering your level or investing any tokens.

Types of Horses and Breeding

Since horses come in form of NFTs, they all have unique traits and characteristics that will provide you benefits when competing against others. Their characteristics and skills are named genes and they can impact their racing style.

There are different gene types for each horse, such as:

  • Acceleration (Aa)
  • Endurance (Ee)
  • Speed (Vv)
  • Control (Dd)
  • Steering (Tt)
  • Grip (Hh)

Horses also come with six different attributes presented with the letters next to the genes. The upper case letter next to the gene means that the horse has dominant genes from that category.

There are also four different horse breeds, such as:

  • Byerly Turk
  • Darley Arabian
  • Godolphin Arabian
  • Satoshi Nakamoto

In order to breed horses, you’ll need a mare and a stallion horse. The owner of the mare gets the newborn horse and the owner of the stallion the breeding feed.

Each horse will come out with 20 random skins and the gender as well as skills are also generated randomly using RNG solutions.

Final Words

MetaRace is an interesting game that covers every aspect of horse racing digitally. You’ll get the chance to own cool-looking robotic horses that come with unique abilities and traits.

The best thing about this game is that features interesting gameplay and gives you the ability to earn money in the process.

So, if you want next-gen horse racing games based on the blockchain that allows you to own digital horses and race with them in online competitions.

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