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Consume you ever noticed that people from different areas in the united states say things differently, like some people will say soda? Or maybe you say pop or Caramel, and they’ll say Caramel well, this entire book speaks American. How y’all use, and you guys talk is precisely those dialectical differences in different areas of the united states.Introduction

The book is this beautiful collection of 122 different coloured heat maps of how people pronounce or say different words. Or concepts in the united states, and it’s got several other fun features as well. It’s a great little coffee table book. It is a new edition of the book. I had an old edition of it, and it was always one of my favourite coffee table books. Um, people would always be super interested in it was a great conversation.

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Features of Y’ all Youse and you Guys Talk

Starter, so let me show you a few examples of some of the maps in this book.

So here’s a map of the different words people use for fizzy drinks.

As you can see, some areas say soda, pop, and some say coke.

And here’s a map of whether people say Caramel with one or two syllables, as you can see in the south.

On the east coast, many people say this word with three syllables.

And then, most everywhere else in the united states, they say it with two syllables except for some urban centres in California.

It’s got a bunch of other controversial ones in there, too, like pecan or pecan or, however you want to pronounce it, kitty-corner versus caddy corner.

The Pronouncing the words of Y’ all Youse

The second person plural, so whether you say y’all use you guys yins any of those, it even talks about whether or not you pronounce the words. Caught c-o-t and caught c-a-u-g-h-t, in the same way, an increasing number of people in the united states.The Pronouncing the words of Y' all Youse

Unity of the things that I like about the book is that sometimes. Since the 1950s, been merging those two vowels and pronouncing them the same way, but there’s still a good portion of the united states. That presents them differently. It also shows you a diachronic slash historical perspective, so for that caught merger.

Here’s the map of the merger, but it also includes a history of how that’s changed over time. It consists of a graph showing what percentage of speakers have said those two vowels. The same verses are differently over time, and then over here, you can see the different maps of the united states.

History of Y’ all Youse and you Guys Talk

I love this book. There are two reasons in particular. First, it’s a beautiful demonstration of just the amount of linguistic diversity in the united states. And different points in history, so I think that’s a cool feature.

It’s hard to look at these different ways of saying things and not think, like, wow, this is neat. There are so many ways you can say all of this to highlight some of that diversity. There’s even a map. Here remains what percentage of people speak Spanish at home, so I was happy to see that included. To show some of the linguistic diversity of the united states, I like this book because it shows. There’s no correct way to speak American English when looking at maps like these.

And you see kind of just the gradual change from one region to another, and it makes it pretty clear. Like no particular part is correct, these different ways of saying things or pronouncing things are different. None of them is certainly better than the others. Some dialects might have more social prestige attached to them. And that’s true, but from a linguistic perspective, there’s nothing inherently better about these dialects. And speaking, America does an excellent job of illustrating that in a graphic way.

About the Book

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So the situation is one of the chattels I love furthermost about this book; one of my favourite things to do when guests come over pulls out this book. And go through the maps here and ask what you know about how they say things and their opinions.

Everybody seems to enjoy all sorts of fun conversations; everybody seems to enjoy another fun thing about this book. It has little sections throughout that tell you how to know whether you’re from a particular area. So, for example, if you call something an expressway or refer to the type of shoes you wear to the gym as gym shoes. Rather than tennis shoes or sneakers, there’s a 95 chance you are from Chicago; my only criticism of the book is that it doesn’t use international phonetics.About the Book

Alphabet writes out the pronunciations; instead, it uses this kind of um like naive or folk transcription that you see in specific dictionaries instead. So for crayons or crayons or however you’d like to pronounce it, you can see here that the spellings are just written in this sort of Like faux English. However, you can still tell exactly what he intends to say.


The data for this book is based on josh Katz’s Research he’s a statistician rather than a linguist. However, he did establish a lot of the work in this book on earlier work by Bert Vogt, so overall, speaking American is one of my favourite coffee table books. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a must-have for any language lover; if you’d like to buy your copy and support my content in the process, you can do so at the link below, and I hope you enjoy the book.

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