The Next Big Object in Fashion Industry: Laam Pk

In order to develop a really distinctive service, Laam Pk Pk Pk was formed by successful businesspeople from the eCommerce, fashion, marketing, and operations sectors. The LAAM PK PK founders have worked on a variety of initiatives for top international corporations, including growing digital media startups into well-known brands around the world.

What Makes Laam Pk Different

The pioneers of LAAM PK always seek out new methods to revolutionise existing sectors by approaching them with an inventive mentality. LAAM PK is a system designe to transform and improve the way an online experience for cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle should be maintain. LAAM PK offers a dedicated sales space for the designers and merchandise. We cooperate with all budgets.

The main goals of LAAM PK are to connect and educate the world’s fashion industry. Our goal is to create a user-friendly platform that enables quick browsing of more than a thousand fashion items. It is a one-stop boutique for designer clothing that has been carefully chosen to meet the demands of a contemporary woman. many other eminent designers are part of LAAM PK. We provide customers with access to independent fashion and open a doorway to the globe for designers. The consumer is the focus of all we do, and we constantly innovate to give them even better services ways to find the fashion that’s perfectly right for them.

All-in-One Solution

The brands have the chance to display the products from their collections in a store with a distinct brand identity. LAAM PK provides a variety of support services, including sales campaigns, brand introductions to consumers, brand recognition for emerging brands, online B2B ordering, event organising, including fashion shows and press conferences, and much more.

The most powerful and truly international e-commerce platform, LAAM PK, can help you increase sales, develop your brand, and attract new clients. If you want something that is specifically adapte to your needs, LAAM PK is an all-in-one solution for your company. Our goal is to link customers, curators, and makers of luxury fashion through a worldwide digital platform.

LAAM PK offers various online payment solutions, constantly expanding e-commerce best practices to increase your conversions, a CRM tool to manage your customer lifecycle and Business reporting and analytics.

All-Inclusive Global Ecommerce

If you are already consecutively an online store, then switching to LAAM PK might be a good idea. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, LAAM PK was built from the ground up with a emphasis on the needs of the fashion-, lifestyle- and design brands.

Contact us if you are ready to discuss the difference in more detail. We will be happy to hold a quick remote presentation that lets you understand why emerging designers are choosing LAAM PK as their next online platform.

Passionate And Talented Team

Today the team of LAAM PK is a group of passionate and talented individuals. Our sole target is to build the future of the fashion. Luxury and design industries and to fulfill our mission in helping our partners to become globally acknowledged and more successful.

Every member of the team at LAAM PK is passionate about. The fashion industry in their own unique way and everyone have their own role to play. We love what we do and that demonstrations when we have happy clients who come back for more business. But, Love being a part of a fashion designers’ journey, watching them grow and contributing our bit to that growth. We as a team have one thing in common — love for fashion and business, & that’s what makes us who we are.

Customer Relationship Management

LAAM PK give brands a powerful turn-key solution to scale their business via multiple distribution platforms. It is easy, automated and gives a competitive edge over established brands. A new concept that encompass two markets: the brands/buyers (B2B) and the consumer (B2C). For the designers and the brands. LAAM PK represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent and for the consumers. It is a premium ethical brand of fashion sustainability.

Our strength lies in offering the staggering selection of 1000+ contemporary and ethnic designs from specially curated. Designers carrying varied styles and price points in only one online fashion store. Most importantly our assortment of latest bridal dresses and classic designs consists of kurtas. Tunics, lehengas, shirts, saris and much more. Get quick styling tips from the designers, our editorial repertoire. Buzz-worthy buys and season’s must- haves and all your fashion fixes. Are taken care of by us at the comfort of your palms. We offer fashion that inspires and is curated by our experts: a variety of unique products which expresses individuality.

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