There’s an exciting range of board games waiting to test your skills and a bit of luck. Go through the following list of skill-based board games and tick them off your bucket list. Also, get ready to have a gala time with your friends and family.


Multiple generations have played ludo as their go-to entertainment. In addition to being fun, the game is pretty unpredictable. Although throwing the die may seem like the board game is based on luck, the way the tokens are moved can completely change the game’s outcome. Therefore, the game is a mixture of chance and strategy. You need skills to beat your opponent. Without the right ludo game strategy, you cannot send all your tokens to the finish line or Home.

The popular board game is available online, and you can compete with real-life opponents to secure a dominant position on the scoreboard.


Chess is one of the best board games to help develop life skills and thinking abilities. In India, the game has been around for more than five hundred years and does not need an introduction.

Chess is an abstract strategy game played between two players. The game is played on a chessboard with sixty-four squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Each player controls sixteen pieces, which include one Queen, one King, two Bishops, two Knights, two Rooks, and eight pawns. The player controlling the black pieces moves after the player controlling the white pieces. The aim is to checkmate the opponent’s King.

Playing chess regularly promotes brain growth and increases IQ. Also, it teaches concentration, foresight, and patience. Logical thinking abilities are also enhanced.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is considered a simple game for kids, but it is filled with essential life lessons. One lesson you’ll learn from playing this board game is that success is not absolute, and whenever you slide down a snake, you should work harder to reach the ladders so you can climb up again. So there’s always another chance, and you must not stop trying.

Also, if you keep trying to climb up, you may land on the most extended ladder and get right to the top.

The board game is played with two or more players and is also available online. Each player is represented with a single game piece token. Players must roll the die to move the token.

The game is also sold under names like Bible Ups and Downs, Chutes and Ladders, etc.


Monopoly is a real estate board game for two to eight players. The game is a classic where players purchase and develop pieces of property. In the end, whichever player has the most money wins. By playing this game, you’ll gain a better understanding of capitalism.

Monopoly teaches players the necessity to invest so they can grow their savings. Also, it teaches the importance of establishing goals before making any decision. Last but not least, players are taught they must always keep enough cash so they can overcome typical setbacks in the game or life.

In the game, players must roll two dice to move their tokens around the game board. As you move around the board, you can buy and trade properties. You can even develop the properties owned by you with houses and hotels. Whenever other players land on your properties, you get to collect rent from them in an attempt to drive them to bankruptcy.

Since two to eight players may not always be available when you want to play this board game, you can play Monopoly online and connect with real-life players worldwide.


Bananagrams is an entertaining game and ideal if you want to sharpen your vocabulary and spelling expertise. In addition, the game provides an educational experience to the players where they can quickly learn complex words.

The game’s rules are easy to understand and straightforward. First, the players need to distribute all the tiles among the players. A maximum of eight people can play this game, and they will get eleven tiles each. The game starts when a player says, ‘Split!’ and everyone turns over their tiles.

The game’s objective is to be the first player to use all the letters. You can form words vertically from top to bottom or horizontally from left to right. You may even rearrange your grid whenever you want within a game.

When the last letter is placed on the grid, players must call out ‘Peel!’ and all the players must take another tile from the Bunch.

If you need to put back a letter, you can do so by saying ‘Dump!’.

Once the Bunch is empty, the player who has used all their letters will win. But the player must say ‘Bananas!’ so that others know. Then, competitors can inspect the grid to ensure there are no popper nouns, misspelt words, or other unacceptable words. If everything seems fine, the player is declared the winner.

The Bottom Line

These skill-based board games are meant for entertainment and educational purposes. These teach life lessons, enhance skills, and improve focus and rational thinking. You can spend hours pouring over these board games or playing them on your smart devices. Most of the games mentioned here are available online, so you can download and install them to enjoy them whenever and wherever.

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