Marketing has been and always will be an essential part of running a business. After all, if your customers do not know who you are, how can you expect to sell to them?

As with everything, marketing has slowly evolved over the years. That is why this process can appear intimidating to any new entrepreneurs, especially as we move further into the digital age. As expected, some marketing methods have slowly become obsolete while some newer methods have taken their place. So how should you be marketing your business in 2023? Read on to find out more.

Social Media

Social media is a relatively new concept; however, it looks like one that is here to stay. The introduction of smartphones has only strengthened the public’s connection with these types of platforms. It is estimated that ninety-eight percent of the UK has access to at least one social media account. That makes these platforms the perfect place to put your marketing.

It may take some time to find out which platform your target demographic uses, but it is almost impossible to escape ads on these types of networks, especially if your marketing fits a certain algorithm. It is also easier for your customers to share your marketing materials across these sites. That is why social media is one of the most relevant marketing methods in 2023.

Print Media

It may come as a shock to some readers, but print media is still a viable marketing platform in 2023. Not only can print media help you to reach the demographics that do not use social media, but it also comes with an air of credibility.

Print media has been used as a marketing tool for centuries and there are still those who want to see it stick around. Just look at the large following at the LNP Media Group, for confirmation of this. Therefore, businesses can create far more effective marketing campaigns by using print media in 2023, as this marketing is much harder for your audience to ignore and is viewed as far less disposable.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is a much more subversive marketing method. Since most people use search engines to find the services they need, SEO aims to improve a company site’s rankings on a search page to beat out the competition. This is achieved by implementing keywords onto your web page or by using valuable links to increase your reach across the search engine. The more people can find your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.


Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years. While this technology has many applications in the working world of business, it also has a place in marketing your company.

Artificial intelligence can help you find your target demographic, so you know where to place your online marketing materials. This also allows you to also tailor your marketing materials to the individual, which makes it easier for customers to engage with your business.

AI can also be used to analyse data so that you can watch how your other marketing strategies are working and keep an eye on the performance of any potential competitors. Not bad for one marketing tool in 2023.


Audio channels have always provided companies with a wide-ranging platform for their marketing. Before, most businesses used the radio as a place to put advertisements. This has been a method for reaching large quantities of the public since 1922. However, our listening habits have evolved since then.

Nowadays, most people consume audio content through podcasts. These podcasts can be accessed through a variety of apps or channels, and many of these apps post viewing figures. This means that you can use this information to help your marketing materials reach a large, general audience, or you can use the SEO marketing tools mentioned earlier to find specific podcasts that match your target demographic.


Much like print media, most modern businesses have viewed visual marketing as obsolete in 2023. While TV viewing figures are not what they once were, plenty of people still consume visual media. It is just moved to a new platform.

Not many people choose to watch scheduled TV programmes in the modern era. You can still choose to market yourself on these stations, but it is very expensive. Plus you are less likely to reach a specific demographic this way. Instead, consumers are choosing to find their entertainment on streaming services or digital video-sharing platforms like YouTube. This means that most modern businesses need to move their visual marketing materials to these platforms. Again, you can tailor specific ads to specific video channels if you need to in 2023.

Customer Relations

There was a time when the only way to build customer relations was to provide a good product or service. Now you can do so much more to strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers.

Your priority should still be to provide a great service. However, modern technology has advanced in such a way that you can now talk to your customers in real time to receive feedback or fix any potential issues. You can now implement chatbots, follow-up emails and use social media experts to talk with your customers over social media platforms. Building strong customer relations is a good marketing strategy as it helps toward customer retention and studies have shown that customers that have a positive experience with a company are far more likely to spread the news about your business via word of mouth. Positive word of mouth is a great way of bringing new customers to your door.


As you can see, many modern marketing techniques are not that different from past methods. The only difference is changing the platforms that you use. Fortunately, marketing tools like AI and SEO can help you find your target demographic in the digital space so that your marketing materials are more effective. That is how you can market yourself in a relevant way in 2023.

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