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What Exactly Is A Target Market, And How Do You Define It?

What Exactly Is A Target Market, And How Do You Define It

Target Market: If you have a company, business or enterprise, you must define your target market because you cannot speak to everyone. Keep in mind that the one that covers a lot squeezes little. And even if you think that your product or service can serve everyone, ask yourself again because it is not like that.

Think that the more specific you are, the more opportunities you have to communicate with the right audience that has a genuine interest in your product or service and. In the same way, make your brand stand out in digital media.

Keep in mind that there are several variables that marketers use and that you can use to determine your target market. This article will discuss these variables and examples. And strategies that you can create with your target market.

What Is The Target Market?

The target market in a company refers to a specific segment of consumers to whom the company wants to sell its products or services. Remember that these are the people you want to target with your marketing efforts.

When you are very clear about who your target market is and define it. You can make informed decisions regarding your marketing and communication. This is because now you can use your efforts and resources well-directedly. And you would be saving time and money and human capital.

How To Define A Target Market?

It is not feasible to want to reach everyone with our product or service due to the high level of competition and our resources, which as entrepreneurs, will still limit. In addition, wanting to reach everyone prevents you from having a good digital presence for your business.

Keep in mind that when you are still a small company, you can compete with large companies to know who you are directing your efforts. Find that market that no one else addresses and learn how to target them with your marketing efforts.

To define your target market, you can take into account the following:

What Are The Factors In Defining Your Target Market?

To define your target market, you can take into account the following factors:

Analyze Your Competition of Target Market

Who are your competitors reaching out to? Ideally, you don’t select the same target market but find that target market they overlook.

Analyze Your Products And Services

Write a list of the products and services you offer and also write the benefits they have, including those benefits, to get your unique value proposition from there.

For example, one of our services is high-quality corporate branding. The benefit is that the company that hires our service will have a professional image; the benefit of having a professional photo is to attract more clients because the brand now looks trustworthy. If more customers arrive, it is much more likely that there will be more sales.

When you have listed the benefits of your products and services, please make a list of the people whose services can benefit them. This is a good start if you think of a very general market. You can define the demographic and psychographic aspects to represent a more specific target market.

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Determine The Demographic

Find out who needs your product or service and think about who is most likely to buy from you. To start your brainstorming, consider the following factors:

Age And Gender

When you create your products or services, you most likely have an idea of ​​what age and gender groups you want to attract. Furthermore, they may develop the products to meet the needs of a particular age group.

For example, a women’s clothing store will target its marketing efforts at women. While a men’s plus size store will target its marketing efforts at plus size men. Another example regarding age is a life insurance company targeting the elderly while a video game store targets the young.


To create your target market, you must also consider the income of potential customers. For example, an affordable retail store doesn’t want its target market to earn too much. While a luxury store wants to reach people who have the money to buy. In the same way. You can consider social status, marital status, and other characteristics.

Determines The Psychographic Side And Behaviours

Psychographics and behaviour are the essential factors in a persona. So you should include the following when defining your target market.

Purchase Cycle

The purchase cycle refers to the stages the consumer will go through before making a purchase. The fact that you are clear about the purchase cycle of your target market will help you define it in a better way.

You can also include the following:

It would help determine how your product or service will fit into your It market’s lifestyle and how and when this It will use your product and service.

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