Working in the world of technology can be fast-paced and exciting and can open doors to many different career paths. 

The role of an IT technician is to install, maintain and repair hardware and software. They also play a supporting role through in-person visits and remote access if there is an issue. With these responsibilities, there is plenty of avenues a career in IT can take you. There are opportunities in software engineering, web development, and even robotics – the possibilities are endless. There are also chances to become a leader in your field which can help to secure your future career prospects.

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Is there a demand for IT technicians?

In short – yes! As the world around us is changing and becoming more and more reliant on technology, companies are growing and expanding into this field all over the world. 

As technology develops into fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cryptocurrency, the chances to join those teams are becoming more available. 

Exploring the pros and cons of working in technology

As with every job, there are positives and negatives to working in that industry, and being an IT technician is no different. Let’s explore the pros first:

  • The pay is good – pay is important in every job, and IT pays well. The average salary in IT is $87,000 per year
  • Impacts every industry – having a career in IT means you have loads of transferrable skills. You may not enjoy being an IT technician in the financial world, but you may find your place working for a travel company. 
  • Clear career path – many people start in IT in lower-paid roles such as support or development but there is a straightforward way to climb up that career ladder. You may set your sights on becoming a manager or senior development with the end goal being the Chief Information Officer. 
  • Learn and grow – if you like learning new things then IT is the career for you. With the world changing daily, IT is evolving too, which means you will be constantly developing your knowledge and skillset to keep up. You will have a range of skills from how to fix things with code to simple changes like replacing standard batteries and how to keep them handy when doing site visits! 
  • Own business – if working for anyone else is a turn-off, you can always start your own IT business giving you flexibility and control over your working hours, rates, and projects. 

Now for the cons: 

  • Soft skills – the stereotype of working in IT is sitting behind a computer all day, and whilst you do you will also need to interact with other people. Being a good communicator is a key skill you will need to embrace. 
  • Long hours – the IT industry can be demanding, and it is common to be asked to work unsociable hours. For example, upgrading a key piece of software may need to be done overnight to minimise disruption in the day. 
  • Under-appreciation – as in many jobs, you may find it hard to be recognised when things are going well but as soon as things take a wrong turn everyone knows who you are. 

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