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A restaurant is a business that prepares and also serves food and also beverages to customers. Restaurants differ greatly in appearance and also offerings, with cuisines and also service models ranging from low-cost fast-food restaurants and also cafeterias to mid-priced family restaurants to high-end luxury establishments. Meals remain usually served and also consumed on-site, but many restaurants offer take-out and also food delivery.The History of Restaurants

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The History of Restaurants

The Thermopolis, an Ancient Greek and also Roman establishment that sold and also served ready-to-eat food and also beverages, was a forerunner of the modern restaurant. These establishments were akin to trendy fast food restaurants. They stood mostly used by people who did not have their kitchens. They were popular among insulae residents in the Roman Empire.

During the 11th and also 12th centuries, early eating establishments recognisable as restaurants in the modern sense appeared in Song dynasty China. Food catering establishments catered to merchants travelling between cities in large cities such as Kaifeng and also Hangzhou.

Kaifeng’s restaurants grew out of tea houses and also taverns that catered to tourists, and also they evolved into an industry that catered to locals and also people from other parts of China. Because travelling merchants were unfamiliar with other cities’ cuisine, these establishments stood set up to serve dishes familiar to merchants from different parts of China.

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Such establishments stood found in major city entertainment districts, alongside hotels, bars, and also brothels. The larger and also more plentiful of these establishments provided a dining experience. Comparable to modern restaurant culture, Patrons of one such establishment were greeted with a selection of pre-plated demonstration dishes representing food options, according to a Chinese manuscript from 1126. Customers’ orders stood taken by a team of waiters, who sang them to the kitchen and also distributed the dishes exactly as they had stood ordered. Some info about 30 liters in gallons

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About Rooftop (Roof Garden)

Rooftop farming refers to cultivating food on the roofs of buildings. A roof garden is a garden on a building’s roof. Roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, wildlife habitats or corridors, recreational opportunities, and also on a larger scale, ecological benefits. Rooftop farming remains typically accomplished through green roofs, hydroponics, aeroponics, air-dynamics systems, or container gardens.About Rooftop (Roof Garden)

Roof gardens remain most commonly found in urban areas. Insolation, the absorption of solar radiation by roads and also facilities in the city, and also the storage of this heat in the building material and also subsequent re-radiation is the primary cause of heat build-up in cities. Plants can reduce the overall heat absorption of a building, resulting in lower energy consumption for cooling. On the other hand, plant surfaces do not rise more than 4-5 °C (7-9 °F) above ambient and also are sometimes cooler.

Charlotte Rooftop Restaurants and Bars

 Aura RooftopAura Rooftop

Are you looking for a higher-altitude cooling spot? Aura, located on the fifth level of the Carolinas’ first JW Marriott, is one of the newest additions to the Charlotte rooftop scene. The city views, aesthetic foliage, and also signature botanical cocktails, inspired by Queen Charlotte herself, create an idyllic – and also photogenic – urban oasis in the heart of the Queen City. Aura Pool accepts ResortPass for day passes and also cabana rentals.

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Buho BarBuho Bar

Boho Bar, like the Grand Bohemian Hotel that houses it, exudes luxury and also Argentinian inspiration. Boho Bar is an open-air, bohemian-style cocktail lounge with sultry music, artfully crafted concoctions, and also sweeping views of the Charlotte skyline, inspired by the rooftop bars and also nightclubs of South America. Guests are encouraged to dress professionally while enjoying small plates and also cocktails.

Charlotte Beer GardenCharlotte Beer Garden

Charlotte Beer Garden is famous for having the world’s largest selection of draught beer in one restaurant, with four bars on three levels, including a greenhouse-style, partially covered rooftop. A bar is a great option for rooftop venue lovers looking for a lowkey day with limitless beer options, picnic seating, lawn games, and fire pits.

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 Cloud BarCloud Bar

Enter the Le Méridien hotel lobby and also take the elevator to the 18th floor. There, you’ll find unobstructed panoramic views ideal for watching the sunset. World-renowned celebrity chef David Burke’s menu features signature cocktails and light bites in his first Southern venture.

Coin BarCoin Bar

Coin Bar, a resort-style pool bar with a lively atmosphere, is located atop the Omni Hotel. The food and also drink menu includes fruity drink mixes and also seasonal snacks for guests to enjoy while playing cornhole or relaxing in a seating area. The pool bar has some of the city’s largest double-sided 22-foot-by-12-foot LED screens, making it a great spot for game day. Day passes can remain purchased through ResortPass.

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Cordial, located above the treeline in SouthPark’s AC Hotel, was the neighbourhood’s first rooftop bar when it opened. Compared to its Uptown and also South End counterparts, Cordial offers a unique but equally stunning view of the city’s skyline and a Spanish-inspired menu filled with tapas, entrees, and also inventive, seasonal cocktails.


Fahrenheit’s 21st-floor post atop Skye Condos/Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown has an unrivalled Uptown view. Every Queen City resident’s bucket list includes taking a selfie from the balcony with a skyscraper backdrop. The only competition for the argument is the food—short ribs, steaks, and also grilled seafood—from the kitchen and also which Chef Rocco Whalen leads.

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Gin MillGin Mill

The Gin Mill is accessible via the LYNX Blue Line light rail. Its rooftop bar is a low-key hangout for friends. On weekends, the Gin Mill has drink specials and live music. Its half-mile proximity to South End breweries and Bank of America Stadium makes it an ideal pre-game or post-game stop.

Graham St. Pub & PatioGraham St. Pub & Patio

Graham Street Pub & Patio features skyline views and also an eclectic menu of handcrafted cocktails and also small plates. Graham St. Pub and Patio are a popular neighbourhood bar blocks from Bank of America Stadium, making it a buzzing gameday stop for drinks, food-truck-inspired and also vegetarian-friendly snacks, and also the picturesque Queen City skyline.

Merchant & TradeMerchant & Trade

Merchant & Trade, one of Charlotte’s most well-known rooftop bars, is located on the 19th floor of Kimpton Tryon Park. The swanky hangout, which overlooks Uptown’s Romare Bearden Park and also Trust Field, offers panoramic views of the city below and also the skyline. Cocktail enthusiasts will appreciate the cocktail menu, which features North Carolina-produced spirits expertly blended into classic cocktails. Small Southern-inspired bites and also a selection of locally brewed beers are also available to guests.

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Mizu offers a fusion of ancient Japanese cooking with Southern influences and also Asian flavours inspired by Japan’s wood-fired Robata grills. Guests will find a seasonally-driven menu featuring seafood-focused cuisine and also a cocktail programme highlighting bright, easy-drinking libations made with Japanese spirits and seasonal ingredients inside this live-fire cooking restaurant atop the Hyatt Centric.

Novelty HouseNovelty House

The expertly crafted floral aesthetic and also  Insta-worthy walls of Novelty House Rooftop make it a great destination for events. Drinks, or a well-timed golden hour photoshoot. Most nights, guests can sample speciality cocktails from the full bar and also listen to a live DJ. Although it does not have its menu, Novelty House collaborates with nearby restaurants for brunches and also other events.

Nuvole Rooftop TwentyTwoNuvole Rooftop TwentyTwo

Nuvolé Rooftop TwentyTwo, located on the 22nd floor of Uptown’s AC Hotel, is a unique rooftop bar and also dining experience. Nuvolé is a great year-round option for date nights, happy hours, and also everything in between and also with patio seating. Outdoor heaters and firepits, and also unforgettable views of the Queen City.

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RH CharlotteRH Charlotte

RH Rooftop, located on the third floor of Charlotte’s Restoration Hardware and also offers an ingredient-driven menu. And also a curated selection of artisanal wines and also craft beers. The skylit garden, open year-round for brunch and also dinner, transports guests away as they enjoy the sounds. And also sights of trickling fountains, trellised trees, and also glistening chandeliers.

The WatermanThe Waterman

This neighbourhood seafood restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and also serves fresh, sustainable seafood. Topside, the rooftop bar is open year-round (weather permitting), offers a stunning view of South End. And also the Charlotte skyline to those looking for a rooftop experience.

Whiskey WarehouseWhiskey Warehouse

Moreover, the bar at Whiskey Warehouse takes up the majority of the upper floor. The covered, and also U-shaped bar has TVs for watching sports. The tables along the deck’s edge have umbrellas, allowing diners to enjoy streetscape views while staying cool. Monday is half-priced wing night, and also the weekend brings mimosa, sangria, and also bloody Mary specials. All of which offer a can’t-miss fusion of luxury and also tranquilly.

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