Technology often ushers in uncomfortable changes. Throughout the course of the last 50 years, traditional industries where tasks used to require thousands of hours in employee costs can now be performed quicker and more efficiently by technology. This applies to many traditional design sectors, such as steel and car manufacturing. While people who worked in these sectors had to explore new vocations, many people who worked in catering and other front-facing service roles, such as casino dealers, were under the impression that technology couldn’t replace their function. 

However, with AI making the sort of advancements it has over the last couple of years, all industries are on alert. The effectiveness and impactfulness of AI have started to aim for a whole host of industries, from the taxi industry to article writing. The casino industry uses AI at every level, from data collection to advanced slot machine algorithms, to more sophisticated game designs. As a result, live dealers are becoming increasingly concerned about AI taking their roles in the casino, making entire roles redundant like they already are in other sectors.

Advances In Casino Technology

It’s not just AI and algorithms that have advanced to an astonishing standard; there are new ways to play your favorite casino games across various devices and even using new payment methods such as cryptocurrency. This latest progression in payment methods has led to a whole host of viable and reputable creative casino companies pivoting their focus to a more secure, frictionless peer-to-peer payment system, which is what cryptocurrency offers. Many classic casino games like baccarat and roulette are enhanced by the convenience that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin bring to the table. If you play poker or baccarat, there’s no change to the rules. You simply go to the casino, deposit your cryptocurrency and play Bitcoin baccarat casino games immediately.

Virtual baccarat, blackjack, and roulette are already fully functioning individual games within the sector. Playing any of these casino games with cryptocurrency further enhances convenience and safety for all parties concerned, so you can see why they’re starting to attract so much attention. For many crypto casinos, this switch to crypto removes the need for customer service teams who usually oversee payments. 

Data collection also encounters less risk as people who use Bitcoin to gamble don’t have to provide bank details or hand over personal information. Therefore, they are more secure as hackers can’t access valuable information illicitly, and the casino benefits from being able to onboard customers more quickly.

How Far Will AI Permeate The Industry?

The casino sector has always utilized the latest technology to open up new revenue streams. Cryptocurrency is the latest one, and although AI has already started making waves, many analysts believe it is only at the beginning of a monumental journey in the gambling sector. AI and cryptocurrencies are not mutually exclusive, with AI impacting cryptocurrency significantly. However, they both have different impacts on society and individual industries. Although the casino sector utilizes both, they take on very different roles. 

There’s talk of AI changing the way surgeons operate and the way doctors diagnose patient illnesses, which gives some indication as to how much this technology is going to transform the world. In addition to this, there are predictions that within the next two decades, AI will be able to operate at a much higher level than it currently can, which opens up the possibility of the question of live dealers being replaced by intelligent AI bots that can do that job more quickly and efficiently?

A Positive Outlook For Live Casino Dealers

Many people who play live table games will often choose their game as they can talk and interact with a live person. Whether using the in-game live chat options or opting for a face-to-face conversation in a physical building, that’s something that AI will not be able to replicate. Social interaction is one of the biggest positives to maintaining our mental health. So long as people want to have a chat with the dealer, then the idea of AI replacing these jobs still seems like something that is an idea that is a long way off. 


Ultimately, AI will need to be able to have authentic and organic conversations with people to stand any chance of replacing live dealers in a casino environment. However, over the next few years, casino companies might explore the idea of having AI dealers in casinos to see how gamers react. If the reaction is positive, then this could see fewer people operating live tables in digital casinos. 

Although to speculate on the outcome of this? It’s unlikely this will come into reality, not anytime soon anyway. There might be some casinos that crop up that only have AI tables. However, those who seek out live tables with genuine human interaction will not suddenly switch to automated versions. If they actively seek out this when they play, we’d say these jobs are safe in the industry for now.

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