Entrepreneurs can more Effectively Connect

In order to connect with consumers – especially in this day and age – it is more important than ever to make communications more personal, tailored, and efficient. But, as an entrepreneur, how exactly can you more effectively communicate and connect with your customers? Let’s take a look.

Purpose-developed contact centre

Perhaps the most robust way to communicate with customers is to invest in solutions and software to create a comprehensive customer contact centre. Typically, this will be a cloud-based solution that benefits both yourself, customer service agents, and customers alike.

The customer contact centre can be operated through an internet-hosted portal on any device with internet connectivity. Customers can then contact your company via call, text, email, live chat, or whichever modes work best for you (and them).

All contact will be stored in one place, meaning that you can easily and seamlessly switch between modes of communication in order to solve customer queries. Overall, a customer contact centre can improve efficiency and productivity within the business, and boost customer experience at the same time.

Remember that everyone is different

Even within one target market or demographic, there will be varying preferences in which a customer wants to be contacted, and how they prefer to contact you. For example, data from Statista suggests that 42% of customers prefer to contact customer services via the phone — however, 38% prefer digital channels.

What this shows is that communication does not have a one-size-fits-all solution – both phone calls and digital communication are almost as popular as one another. With this in mind, it is important to offer a variety of communication channels so that customers have the choice to communicate with your business in the way they find preferable.

Follow up — without being pushy

Networking, especially as an entrepreneur, is one of the most essential aspects of business. This means that, after a customer has made a purchase, you should aim to continue communications to foster repeat purchases. And, if you failed to make a conversion, communicating effectively with the customer can encourage them to return in the future.

In order to do this, you might ask consumers for their email addresses so that you can follow up with them once they have interacted with your business. However, there’s a fine line between enthusiasm and being pushy – and, no one likes a pushy salesperson!

Be empathetic

When doing your research into your target market, one thing you should have identified is the customers’ pain points, and how your product or service can solve them. Furthering this, researching your customers can show you what they are feeling, what triggers their feelings, and what their values are.

By gathering data like this, you will be able to personalise your marketing messages and communication to better connect with consumers on an emotional level. By being empathetic in this way, any connections made will be deeper and more meaningful.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Connecting with customers works both ways – customers need your products or services to solve pain points, and, as an entrepreneur, you need customers to keep your business afloat. With this in mind, remember to recognise and show gratitude to your customers to make them feel valued, be it with a ‘happy birthday’ email or a bespoke offer.

And there you have it – five ways entrepreneurs can more effectively, efficiently, and emotionally connect with their customers.

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