Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrencies: The increase in popularity of cryptocurrencies in current years has piqued the interest of many people in learning more about this new digital asset. And one of the most frequently asked questions among this growing number of new investors is, “What are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies?” Or, more specifically, why are they so popular? This article will attempt to answer the first question and present some of the primary benefits of using cryptocurrencies.

No one anticipated the rapid and overwhelming growth that this new type of crypto assets would experience when they help create neither the public’s acceptance nor the enormous expectation that it would elicit. For many, the fever sparked by the emergence of cryptocurrencies in financial markets is comparable to the famous gold rush of the previous century, but with the tools and digital technology of the present. These cryptocurrencies are, in fact, the result of mining.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Before we can talk about the advantages of using cryptocurrencies in finance, we must start by understanding these new assets. In other words, it can fulfil the same functions as traditional money but is represented by virtual currencies using digital security encryption.

To operate, we must forget the idea of ​​physical money. Since, as we have said, do not materialize in paper or cards of traditional use. Instead, cryptocurrencies are stored and protected in protected virtual wallets. And these wallets by using a unique key held exclusively by the owner of the cryptocurrencies.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Created?

Cryptocurrencies were created to satisfy specific needs hitting the financial world for a long time. Bitcoin is the first and the most popular famous of cryptocurrency. Relase on the market in 2009 by a developer known under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. It was thought and designed to allow payment in electronic money directly from one person to another, without the need for a central authority to validate this transaction.

We also makes it possible to streamline the different banking operations, eliminating the existing bureaucracy that unnecessarily delayed the closing of many of the transactions due to its cumbersome procedures. In the same way, it intended to reduce the costs and times of international commerce. Since by the traditional banking method, they generated high prices (in some cases, they exceeded the amount of the transfer) and prolonged processes in addition to a slow movement of money and delays in payments from suppliers and creditors.

What are the advantages of using cryptocurrencies?

Every day the use of cryptocurrencies is becoming more widespread; let’s know the advantages they offer:



Most cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized manner, depending on their algorithm. That is to say, they are not subject to regulations, nor are they under the control of the government, banking, or financial entities of any kind, and all users of them have the same rights and are equal to each other. In fact, in networks like Bitcoin, not even developers can change the algorithm of their operation. As a result, it provides a greater sense of security to investors.


Transactions in cryptocurrency systems will carry out according to the P2P principle, without the involvement of a central control body. That is, without any intermediary in your transactions. Therefore, it reduces the maintenance costs of the network, which significantly reduces the transfer costs. Also, unlike banking and electronic payment systems, users can independently set the size of the commission and even submit transactions without it.

Speed And Irreversibility

Cryptocurrency transactions will characterize their high processing speed. And almost immediate effectiveness in general terms. It was one of the reasons for its creation in the first place, to speed up the slow processes of bank transactions. Also, after adding a new operation to the blockchain, it becomes permanent.

Privacy is one of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies. You do not require to give any personal information to use the system, which allows you to remain anonymous and hide your costs. In other words, neither the financial institutions, the marketing companies, nor even the person with whom the transaction is will carry out can know their identity or the amounts or terms of their operations unless the same user reveals it.

You Are The Only Owner Of Your Money

You can only obtain access to cryptocurrencies in the wallet by providing a private key held only by the owner. No one can cancel coins from the account or freeze their movements. Therefore, cryptocurrencies can become a way to protect your capital. The cash in the cryptocurrency wallet is subject only to the user and become financial insurance.

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Reliable Data Protection

When paying for supplies and services, with methods such as credit cards, debit cards or other means, the buyer always risks his data, which can will intercept at the time of payment or stolen from the seller and then used against him to steal your money. In cryptocurrency transactions, no personal data will transfer to the seller, so you can be sure that the information will remain in the hands of the seller and will not fall into the hands of strangers.

Cryptocurrencies are not sensitive to inflation

Cryptocurrencies have a sophisticated inflation avoidance mechanism. For example, in the Bitcoin network, inflation will prevent thanks to specific features:

  • Limited edition of 21 million pieces, non-modifiable.
  • New coins are issued strictly once every 10 minutes.
  • Every four years, coin issuance will halve.
  • Similar methods exist in each cryptocurrency network, allowing you to predict how many coins will live in a certain period.

Simple And Affordable

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies are too challenging to learn and use, but this is not always true. They are available to everyone, and anyone, regardless of technical knowledge or understanding of the system, can begin using cryptocurrencies. However, you should be aware that they are not without risk.

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