What are AI Influencers?

AI influencers are virtual personalities creat with computer animation technologies and machine learning-based and managed by brands or agencies.

They are a computerised and virtual version of digital influencers, honest people who got famous will  influenc through social media, blogs, and other online channels.

AI influencers, like them, have millions of followers. A faithful and engaged audience, and the ability to influence their fans’ behaviour and lifestyle. As a result, they are also targeted by brands that want to be associated with powerful and influential individuals. Even if they do not exist in the real world.

Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably.  AI influencers can be thought of as an evolution of virtual influencers created using computer-generated imagery (CGI). As a result, they are also referred to as CGI influencers. On the other hand, AI influencers have technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Which adds even more complications to their characters.

As a result, those personalities can not only appear in photos or videos on social media. They can also interact with users virtually as if they were real people.

Automatically and without human intervention — except during the system’s development.

As these robots interact with users, whether through text or virtual reality. They learn about human language and behaviour and become more human-like.

How Different Are They From Other Influencers?

  • One of the main characteristics of AI influencers is something that both delights and worries: their perfection.
  • Real influencers are “people like us. Although they propagate an ideal of beauty and lifestyle on social networks, which is currently entirely will charg. They are vulnerable. They can make mistakes, argue, will criticis simply because they are human.
  • On the other hand, AI influencers tend to be perfect. These influencers’ appearance and personality characteristics will design to the millimetre to meet specific objectives. And, if they represent a brand, they cannot flawe or make any mistakes.
  • This perfection, however, opens discussions about the search for unattainable standards. Especially by children, adolescents and other vulnerable audiences. This is already discuss in the universe of digital influencers, but it gets even more complex with AI influencers, not even real people.

AI Influencers?

  • We can question whether real influencers, who post only “Instagramable” images, usually edited, are, in fact, real or just a fictional version of themselves.
  • Despite the debates, it’s important to note that perfection is only part of what AI influencers offer: the freedom of creation.
  • Instead of looking for an influencer who resembles the buyer persona you wish to find, you can create the persona you want from scratch, with authentic characteristics and stories.
  • It is also possible to design tailored strategies and actions for brands without relying on the limitations of an authentic influencer. You can even create influencers that don’t look like humans. Pets, for example, can be influencers. For brands, this is valuable and opens up a wide range of action possibilities.
  • In any case, the freedom of creation has limits. The influencer’s personality must be consistent, so you can’t think of grand ideas beyond normal behaviour. If not, the audience that accompanies the influencer may seem strange and stop believing in that character.
  • Furthermore, the AI ​​influencer does not exist alone. He usually has a team behind him, an agency that manages his “career.” So, every action goes through negotiation with the company, defining the orientations and possibilities.

Why Should Brands Use AI Influencers In Digital Marketing?

Why Should Brands Use AI Influencers In Digital Marketing

Marketing must accompany changes in society; always attentive to future trends. So, if the next few years will head towards the metaverse, brands need to start understanding the power of AI influencers and how they can fit into their strategies.

Like human digital influencers, AI influencers also have the trust and admiration of their audiences, influence lifestyles and behaviours, and associate their values ​​with brands’ images. This is why influencer marketing has gained so much relevance in recent years.

But, if you already understand the power of influencers, we will show you why it is worth including AI influencers in your digital marketing plan.

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More Engagement

This is one of the great objectives of brands when making alliances with influencers: to increase engagement on social networks. And when we talk about AI influencers, they can generate more attention than human influencers. The graph below can compare the engagement percentage of virtual (orange) and actual (green) influencers.

The curiosity can explain the difference that this type of profile still arouses in social networks. People want to talk to robots, even as something unusual. But that can also be explained by the relevance of the interactions. Since they are machines, they know exactly what to answer to have more engagement.

Narrative Freedom

When brands deal with AI influencers, they’re not dealing with a real personality. In truth, they negotiate with a team that can create a fully customised narrative for the brand. Everything can be the way the associated brand wants, as long as the actions are consistent with the influencer’s personality.

Therefore, brands have more control of the influencers’ narrative and creative freedom to develop the ideal persona for their strategies.

Storytelling Ability

It is possible to tell more exciting stories to the audience if the characters and reports can  creat from scratch with creative freedom. They are built to measure, so they can bring together the fascinating elements of storytelling to achieve the brand’s objectives. With imagination and creativity, it is possible to create a fictional universe.

The origins of the influencer, the tasks they perform daily, the challenges they face, the good and bad feelings they experience all this is part of their creation in an AI influencer. However, it can tell a compelling and convincing storey to the audience.

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