Online casino gaming has become so popular that it has turned into an extremely competitive industry.

To try and bring in more customers, many online casinos have started advertising their unique or advantageous offers, promotions and free gifts.

One of these common free gifts is a free spin. Not only do online casinos offer them but game developers have started including free spins in the games themselves.

In other words, players can access twice as many free spins and free bonus rounds. They just need to know how to do that.

This article will provide all of the necessary information you need to start accessing and using free spins within your slot gaming.

What are free spins?

Let’s clarify what we mean by ‘free spins’ before we start.

Free spins are bonus rounds offered by slot game providers and developers. They give you the opportunity to spin the reels of a slot machine and to try your luck again for free.

Free spins are part of the ‘bonus game’ category. Many games and online casinos will offer a number of bonus games to attract clients.

Other examples of casino bonus games can include deposit bonuses, an extra minigame, and an extra gameplay feature, among many others.

The type of bonus games you get will depend on the online casino you are playing at, the game developer you picked, as well as the type of game you opted for. For example, free spins are only available to those who play a slot game.

Readers who hear that a game offers ‘a range of bonus games’ can most likely expect free spins to be included within that description if they’re playing a slot game.

So, keep an eye out for the terms ‘free spins’ or ‘bonus games’ when choosing a casino slot game.

You can, for example, access free spins at Rainbow Riches Casino and at other well-known online casinos.

How do you access a free spin bonus?

There is no set way to access a free spin bonus. This will depend on the casino slot game you opted for.

However, you can easily find out how to trigger the free spin bonus once you have selected a slot game. Some games will tell you exactly what you need to trigger this exciting bonus.

If you really want to try a free spin bonus, pick a game that gives you clear indications on how to access this bonus.

For example, Rainbow Riches Casino gives you the opportunity to try and win free spins bonuses by playing their free game ‘Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows’.

According to the casino, here is what you need to have a shot at earning a free spin bonus round:

  • collect the number of identical symbols indicated on the game’s paytable
  • deposit and wager at least $10-15 USD.

Most casinos and slot games work like Rainbow Riches Casino. They will offer free spins to players who manage to land 3 or more matching symbols, usually ‘scatter symbols’.

‘Scatter symbols’ will vary from game to game but they are usually special and less common symbols in an online slot game.

They have specific functions and can activate different bonus rounds depending on the order in which they fall in.

But why are free spins a good option for gamers? Why should you try to trigger a bonus?

The importance of free spins

There are many reasons why you should aim to trigger a free spin bonus. Here are some of the main ones.

  • They help you increase the total amount of your winnings

Free spins are a great way for you to increase the total amount of your winnings without having to spend more. In other words, any money you make from a free spin is a proper financial ‘win’ for you.

You can also get very lucky and double the amount of your winnings if you manage to land a very good winning combination during that free spin round. Many free spin bonuses can actually earn you more than a normal game would.

If you didn’t manage to win anything before the free spin round, don’t worry. That bonus round can also be an opportunity for you to earn a little something before the game finishes.

  • They can give you access to more extras and make the gaming experience more enjoyable

Many free spin rounds can actually give you access to extras and features you didn’t have access to before. You can use them to discover new features and score different winning combinations.

This makes free spin rounds particularly exciting and fun. They also give you a chance to play a little bit longer which is always great for gamers.

Final thoughts

 In this article, we discussed how free spins work and how you can benefit from them. We hope you get to experience this fun type of bonus game for yourself!

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