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After audible range rumours about Jio 4G-enabled feature phone, Lava Mobile has stolen Reliance Jio’s thunder by announcing the first of its kind device.

Moreover, the phone, Lava 4G Connect M1, supports 4G, 2G voice calling and EDGE for connectivity. And as the company promises, this feature phone also offers Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which Reliance Jio in India catapulted.

Priced at Rs 3,333, the phone will be available across retail stores and multi-brand outlets across India in a few weeks.

The Connect M1 gets a 2.4-inch display with a physical keypad (like other feature phones), powered by a quad-core processor and 512 MB RAM. The phone’s even got a VGA camera.

The handset hail from preloaded with Facebook Lite and messaging applications. It has a polycarbonate build and 1,750 mAh series. The issue features a keypad instead of a touchscreen display.

If proven to be of value, this phone could democratise the internet that majors like Google and Facebook have been envisioning for India.

Lava launches India’s first 4G VoLTE enabled feature phone

Moreover, Lava International Limited on Tuesday launched its first 4G enabled feature phone – Lava 4G Connect M1. Priced at Rs 3,333, the phone is touted as the most affordable and pocket-friendly 4G-enabled phone with VoLTE support in India.

The Lava 4G Connect M1 comes preloaded with basic social networking, music streaming and digital payment apps. A 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor powers the device with 512 MB RAM. Powering the show is a 1750 mAh battery that the company claims to offer exceptional battery backup.

“At Lava, we go all-out to think ahead of the curve product innovation, and the presentation of Lava 4G Connect M1 is a step onward in this direction. The promotion of this smart feature phone, we believe, will create opportunities for users as they will now be able to consume digital content and even do digital transactions. Moreover, a sizeable segment of feature phone users in India who use their phones only to make calls will now be able to access the internet; to their advantage. And that too at an affordable price.”, said Gaurav Nigam, Head – Product, Lava International, at the launch event.

Separately from 4G, Lava 4G Connect M1 cares for 2G voice calling and EDGE connectivity. The practical will be available across retail stores and multi-brand outlets in a few weeks.

The Features of Lava 4G Connet M1

4G with VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

Facebook Lite preloaded

1.2 GHz Quad-core Processor

2.4-inch screen

1750 mAh battery

VGA Camera

4GB ROM expandable up to 32GB

512 MB RAM

Wireless FM

Bluetooth connectivity

Box speaker with K class amplifier


Moreover, Lava International Limited is a crucial Mobile Handset Company in India and has extended its processes to multiple countries worldwide. Since that, Lava has stood at the forefront of building a strong network of design and trade mobile handsets from its initiation. But, the company has made mobile handset design ability including industrial design, mechanical design, hardware enterprise & software design.

Famous in line with the Govt. of India’s ‘Make in India’ inventiveness. Lava has supported this significant nation-building program and has previously set up a design team in India. Attracting the first to do so in the country. After that, with this ‘Design in India’ initiative. Lava is now the only Mobile handset company that makes truly “Make In India” phones with complete control of the design and work within India. Lava was also ranked as the ‘Most Dependable Brand’ in the CMR Retail Sentiment Index 2018.

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