Driving RC Monster Trucks

RC monster trucks are some of the most amazing RC car fun you will ever have on four wheels. Kids or adults, who doesn’t want to drive these giant monster trucks?!

The most vital part of an RC truck is its wheels which give a whole different experience. RC monster truck wheels are an essential part of your truck and need to be changed frequently for a better experience. They’re great for beginners and experts alike. There are a few things you need to know before buying an RC monster truck if you want the best experience possible. Have a look at some tips for driving RC trucks.

Battery life

Battery life is a crucial aspect of RC monster trucks. You need to know how long the battery in your truck will last and how many batteries you need for your setup. Here are some tips for extending your truck’s battery life:

  • Buy good-quality batteries. Cheap batteries will have less power and won’t last as long as expensive ones.
  • Don’t use chargers with auto shutoff features if they’re not necessary (i.e., if you’re charging one or two small 1-2 cell LiPo packs). Auto shutoff features can shorten battery life by up to 50%.
  • Don’t charge batteries while they’re hot, especially when charging at high currents like 4A or more; this puts unnecessary strain on them, which shortens their lifespan significantly!

Check shocks and springs

  • Shock oil level and shock springs: check them first thing before you even start driving. You want to ensure that your shocks have enough oil and aren’t worn out or damaged. If the oil is low or if there are any signs of rust or damage on your shock springs, it’s time to replace them!
  • Shock preload: preload refers to how tight (or loose) the spring is wound around its shaft. This will affect how much travel your shocks take up when they compress during suspension on a bumpy surface—it has nothing to do with how hard bumps feel as you drive over them!

Air tires vs. Rubber tires

You have a choice between rubber tires and air tires. Rubber tires are more flexible but also more prone to flat spots and damage from rough terrain. Air tires are more durable but also more expensive in terms of maintenance and replacement costs. Rubber tires work better in every way. RC monster truck wheels come with sidewall direction marks on the left and right, made from premium rubber for enduring durability, a trouble-free fit, and quick maintenance.

Adjustable ride height

Adjustable ride height is one of the most valuable features you can add to your RC monster truck. This allows you to adjust the height of your truck to suit different terrain, body weights, and tire sizes.


And that’s it! If you follow these tips and have a little patience, you’ll be driving around your room or yard in no time. With all the different and great models available on the market right now, picking one can seem like an overwhelming task. Keep an eye on your truck’s wheels and keep changing them after using them for some time. Also, consider online sellers for RC truck wheels that offer wheels for every truck type and size.

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