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Paperless Office: You’re constantly searching for methods to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and save time and money when operating a business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little business or a large corporation; there are always advantages to cutting down on paper. Making your firm paperless will assist the environment while also streamlining processes and lowering expenses.

While En Route To A Paperless Office

The journey to a paperless office might be long and complex, but some tools can help you lessen your reliance on paper. These apps will help you cut down on paper usage without causing too many problems.

Google Drive

Google Drive

You can store and create any file, whatever its size or complexity, using Google Drive. One of the best stuff about Google Drive is that it allows team members or external parties to edit documents without printing them. It is essential for businesses because it will enable managers and workers to stay up to date on critical projects or internal business initiatives without sending an attachment back and forth.


If you like to take notes, this app can be great use. IPad Pros lets you take handwritten notes in high-quality multimedia notebooks and write on PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents. GoodNotes provide a paper-like knowledge for iOS devices, inc.

This fantastic paperless app is not just a piece of paper on a digital device. Its interface is packed with tools for handwriting, drawing, annotating PDFs, highlighting, moving objects, adding audio, photos, web clips, and more. It has a compilation of “paper” templates for taking notes.

If you want to take handwritten notes in the digital world, this app will do the trick. Whether you need grids, lines, musical staff, or blank pages, GoodNotes can help. It also allows you to add custom paper templates if you need specific requests.

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Paperless Office – Dropbox Paper

It is a tool to create documents within Dropbox, a workspace where you can create and coordinate in one place, write, edit, brainstorm, review designs, manage tasks, or host meetings. Communicating within a company can be complicated, but by using this software, the process will simplify.

Paperless Office – Scan Bot

If you still use and archive paper documents, Scanbot is the easiest and fastest way to scan documents with your iPhone, iPad, or Android. With this paper-reducing app, you can quickly scan documents, QR codes, barcodes, labels, whiteboards, business cards, sketchbooks, and much more. All scanned files will automatically upload to the file storage service of your choice.

Paperless Office – Evernote

It is one of the most efficient applications to reduce the use of paper that you can find. Evernote lets you jot down ideas, projects, and to-do lists, take notes, photograph receipts, save images and web pages, and more. This app works on multiple platforms to easily access lists, notes, images, sound, links from various devices.

Paperless Office – PDF Element For Ios

It is the top app for PDF management. It is a powerful and easy-to-use PDF editing system used to create, organize and protect your files. The app, available for iOS devices, can edit PDF documents, annotate PDF documents, and even share them via cloud services or email. Its drawing tools are handy for reviewing documents and taking notes. You can also use PDFelement

Paperless Office – DataScope

DataScope is a mobile platform that tries to provide an alternative solution for companies that want to stop using paper documents. With this application, you can create work orders, checklists, certifications, reports online from your smartphone or tablet.

It is ideal for use in the field to collect information even without Internet access. DataScope can help you digitize your documents and keep them in one place so you can reduce paper use and keep all your digital files organized.


These seven apps can help your business reduce and eliminate paper use while lowering costs and maximizing profits. The transition to a paperless office is not easy, but these applications can help you achieve your goals much easier and faster.

We’d love to hear your productivity tips and tricks. Use the comment box to send us app recommendations or suggestions to help us create a paperless office.

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