Minors for Business Majors

Not all students know exactly what they want to study when they start their college experience — but you do. Perhaps you are a non-traditional student, or perhaps you have always had a clear career goal in mind. Regardless, you are excited about beginning your program to earn a bachelor’s in business administration.

Yet, you also know that many business professionals have business degrees, and that for your job applications to stand out, you need to offer something extra. To that end, here are a few minors that work well with business majors, so you can graduate and start the business career of your dreams.


Not every business administration student dreams of starting their own business — but many do. If you look forward to the day when you can launch a startup, you might benefit from the specialized training provided in entrepreneurship courses. In addition to essential business leadership knowledge and skill, an entrepreneurship minor can prepare you for the unique rigors of building a business from scratch, so you are more likely to see success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.


Accounting is the meticulous recording of a business’s financial transactions. If you anticipate finding work with a small business — or even launching your own startup — you could benefit by having some knowledge and skill in accounting, which will help you keep your finances organized and ensure smart financial decision-making that keeps your organization afloat.


Though often conflated with accounting, finance is a field focused on acquiring and managing business funding. As the saying goes, it takes money to make money. With a minor in finance, you will have a better sense of banking and investment systems that can be utilized to grow your operations into the future.


Another finances-related discipline, economics is the study of how and why individuals and groups allocate their resources as they do. In business, economics strives to understand market forces that might impact business decision-making and success. If you expect to spend much of your career at a larger corporation, having some background in economics could be a significant benefit.

Information Technology

A frustratingly small number of business leaders have a firm grasp on even basic IT knowledge and skill. You can set yourself apart in a significant way by studying IT at the university level, acquiring more advanced understanding of how IT works and how your might harness its power to improve business strategy. Though, it is important to remember that digital technology evolves rapidly, so you will need to continue engaging with IT education into your career for up-to-date experience in the field.


Communication is inarguably the most important skill for anyone interested in a business career. Business communications degrees help students understand the various methods of communication in business and best practices for ensuring that messages are fully and clearly understood. In truth, everyone planning to enter industry should seriously consider at least a minor in communications.MIS


Management information systems, or MIS, is an information system that helps business executives visualize, coordinate and control the people and technologies of their organization. An increasingly common tool, especially as companies become more complex through the use of digital technologies, MIS could be a valuable field of study considering your interest in business administration and leadership.


Much more important than what a business sells is how the business sells it. Marketing is essential for business success, but many business leaders understand little about the tools and processes required for effective marketing. With a marketing minor, you will be able to integrate this integral component of business into your strategies for more holistic success.

International Affairs

The goal of many organizations is to operate on a global scale, and do to that successfully, business leaders must have a firm grasp on international affairs. This field of study includes instruction in geography, history and culture of societies around the world with the goal of helping students understand how to communicate and conduct business with entities in other countries. Again, if you are intending to join a large corporation after graduation, this minor could be exceedingly valuable.

You don’t need a minor to find success with a bachelor’s degree in business administration — but it might help you explore different roles in business and carve a niche for your future career.

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