Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs

Common Mistakes EntrepreneursWhile it’s an expense that isn’t usually front of mind or budgeted for, there may come a time in an entrepreneur’s business journey when they need to think about getting some help on the matter of security.

This could be for themselves, their team, their customers or guests, or even for property or buildings. When this time comes, it’s good to be prepared and know some of the common mistakes to avoid when hiring security guards.

Not Checking if Security Staff Have Been Properly Vetted

It’s not enough to check out different security firms, choose one, and leave it at that. If you want the best quality guarding services for your money and the right fit for your organization’s needs, it’s necessary to ask some hard questions about how security firms select, train, and vet their teams.

Find out if all the staff, especially those who would be working for your business if you go ahead with the job, are properly trained and licensed. All guards should have updated security licenses and have completed extensive training. You want those with many years of experience under their belt, too, who have appropriate insurance, just in case they or their equipment gets hurt on the job.

Plus, find out if the security company has run extensive background and police checks on their personnel before letting anyone enter your business in a security role, whether for one day or long-term.

Focusing on Price Alone

Another common mistake many entrepreneurs make in the security realm is focusing purely on price when comparing options. While the amount you have to spend on services is a vital component of how you’ll make your decision, it shouldn’t be the only one. Examine other criteria if you want to find the best value for money options to do the job well and have you and your staff or customers feeling comfortable and secure.

Apart from the factors listed above, you also want to be on the lookout for security guards who are reliable and punctual and know how to use appropriate tech and other gear. Search for people who are excellent communicators and can get their point across quickly in a crisis without misunderstandings. Plus, guards should be personable and friendly to their clients so people can relax and feel safe, while staying alert and being detail-oriented to pick up on any potential issues in the environment.

Failing to Get Clear on Goals Upfront

Have you written down a clear set of goals related to hiring security staff? If not, stop and get that sorted before you start researching guard options or arranging to meet with people for quotes or introductions. It’s essential to know precisely why you want to hire this type of service and what you hope people will be able to provide before you pick out a firm or person.

While naturally, the main outcome you’re after is to keep yourself and others safe, and/or materials, inventory, equipment, cash, and the like, think more specifically. For example, your goal may be for guards to act as a deterrent to shoplifters or to protect you when you’re attending public events where there’s a potential for violence.

You may want security people to train your staff on how to use cameras and other tech tools or how to handle a hostage situation, or there may be various other scenarios and aid you have in mind that you want help with. Whatever it is you’re looking for, get clear about this ASAP so you can shortlist some candidates who meet your expectations.

Hiring Firms that Only Deal with Threats and Not Prevention

A topic many business leaders don’t consider at all when searching for security services is how much they want those they hire to focus on prevention rather than real-time responses to threats. There’s no point in hiring someone great at being a bodyguard or spotting shoplifters who have stolen from you, if you also really need someone who can help you stop issues from arising in the first place. Some firms only focus on responding to threats rather than being strategic and planning ahead to prevent them, so keep this in mind before you make your decision.Hiring Firms that Only Deal with Threats and Not Prevention

A couple of other common mistakes when hiring security guards are forgetting to ask about backup options if personnel are sick or injured, and not asking companies if they can offer tailored solutions rather than one-size-fits-all plans.

Give yourself plenty of time to select the right security operator for your venture, and don’t be afraid to ask hard questions to ensure you have all the information you need to make a wise decision.

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