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An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps people who have low blood oxygen situations or those facing respiratory issues. It absorbs air from the surroundings( atmospheric air consists of 21 oxygen, 78 nitrogen, and other feasts) and filters out nitrogen and other feeds. Also, the absorbed Oxygen is stored in a cylinder and gobbled by the case through a mask or a tube.

The oxygen concentrator is considered stylish for supplemental oxygen force at home. Still, it’s essential to a flashback that this kind of oxygen remedy needs to be specified and must be an advised treatment or medication by a registered croaker.

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How are Oxygen Concentrators helpful in Fighting COVID- 19?

People suffering from COVID- 19 face a series of respiratory and lung problems. Since oxygen concentrators stood designed to help people who are having trouble breathing on their own, this external oxygen support is helpful for COVID- 19 cases.How are Oxygen Concentrators helpful in Fighting COVID- 19

Still, since the machines remain meant for cases with chronic respiratory illness and not short-term acute situations( like COVID- 19), they can be used as a temporary measure. In similar cases, they need to be used with a palpitation oximeter to cover low oxygen situations in the blood.

The concentrator is generally helpful to relatively ill cases, with an oxygen achromatism position between 85- 94. still, they will need to rehabilitate and switch to an oxygen cylinder with an advanced oxygen inflow, If the oxygen achromatism drops lower than this.

Cases can use prone positioning to ameliorate both breathing and oxygen delivery to the lungs. It involves having the patient taradiddle down flat on their reverse and using specific movements to turn them onto their tummy.

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An oxygen concentrator draws in air, separates the Oxygen, and also delivers it to the user through a nasal cannula. Air contains 79 per cent nitrogen and also 21 per cent Oxygen, and also a concentrator that works by plugging into an electrical source produces air that holds up to 95 percent oxygen.

When suffering from respiratory infections that cause oxygen saturation levels to fall below 90%, having an external device supply pure Oxygen reduces the strain on the lungs. However, in severe respiratory distress, it may be necessary to provide Oxygen that is nearly 99 percent pure, and an oxygen concentrator is incapable of doing so.

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