Silently Sapping Away Your Team’s Morale

Low morale and employee disengagement is a major issue in this country, and it is reaching epidemic proportions. One Gallup survey even found that about 51% of employees declared being disengaged at work.

This number should be alarming if you run a business and manage a sizable number of employees. Not only do demoralized and disengaged employees underperform, but they could put the safety of other employees and the public at risk while causing irreparable damage to your brand. Let’s take a look at a few things that might be affecting your team’s morale without you knowing it.

High Employee Turnover

You may see high employee turnover as a sign of bad morale, and it often is, but it can also be a contributor to it. When you constantly have new people on the floor, the senior employees are the ones who have to babysit them. They may also have to work harder to compensate. Not only that, but new employees are more likely to cause accidents, and people getting injured because of inexperience on the floor is bad news for your team’s morale.

This is why you should take all the steps necessary to improve your hiring process. One of the things you could do is hire a HR consulting firm. If you’re located in Minneapolis, you should run a search for HR consulting firms Minneapolis near me and see how they can help. These teams are usually much better at sorting the bad apples and will help you attract people who are a right fit for your organization. Not only that, but they can also help with onboarding and training, which will have a major impact on the dynamic on the floor.

Inflexible Working Arrangements

If some or all of your employees can do their tasks remotely, you need to at least consider the options. They probably know that other companies allow their employees to do so, and if you don’t give them the choice, you can expect many of them to be unhappy about it. So, ask if they would like the option, and see if you can have a hybrid workplace if you don’t want to go full remote.

Unsafe Work Conditions

You also have to listen to what your people are saying on the floor and see if there are any security risks you may have overlooked. Anything that can be seen as negligence on your part will be viewed unfavorably by your employees. They might see it as a sign that you don’t care about them, and you can’t have this happen. This is why you need to have a reporting system to spot anomalies and run regular inspections.

Another thing that can affect your employees’ morale is, surprisingly, the quality of the air. Bad air conditions can be very difficult to notice, but if you notice that your employees are sluggish and you’re having more sick days than usual, it could be a good idea to have someone come in to inspect your air quality and take the steps necessary to improve it.

If you are noticing that things are off with your employees, try to see if you are committing any of these things in your business. You should then try to truly gauge what’s going on the floor and make the necessary changes.

Review 3 Things That Are Silently Sapping Away Your Team’s Morale.

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