Slot games are booming online with more people than ever before enjoying the thrilling experience of spinning the virtual reels for the chance to win cash prizes. Alongside other games such as poker and blackjack, slots are one of the most popular traditional casino games now played on the internet.

There are many reasons online casino slots are growing in popularity, for example their immersive design and eye-catching graphics really appeal to players. There are also a great variety of games, including three reel slots, five reel slots and slots with progressive jackpots. Each slot game has its own theme and there are many options based on intriguing themes like horror, music, celebrities, sports and television shows.

As demand for these games has skyrocketed, slot developers have been working hard to deliver more fun games on a regular basis, keeping content fresh and providing players with lots of choice. However, with thousands of slots now available online it can be a challenge to narrow down your options and pick the ideal game for you.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting slots, from RTP ratings and player reviews to themes and bonus offers. Here is a guide to picking the right slot game for you:

The Ways to Pick the Right Slot Game for You

Check Out the Return To Player Percentage

While playing slots is all about fun and light-hearted entertainment, many players also enjoy the opportunity to win cash prizes. Not all slot games payout the same prizes or at the same rate, therefore looking at the Return to Player or RTP percentage can help you to determine how much a game pays out on average.

Put simply, the RTP figure can be used to illustrate how much of the money played to play the slot game is returned to players as cash prizes. This is an average figure that is calculated by a simulation of anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 gameplays.

The Return to Player percentage will be listed in the description of the slot game, you will want to look for a high percentage which is generally around 96 percent or more. Remember, these percentages do not guarantee you a winning amount but they are useful as an indicator of what you might expect when playing a particular game.

Look for Themes That Interest You

Themes add another fun layer to an already exciting game, they help us to differentiate between games and provide a unique experience. Over the years, developers have become more and more creative in the design of their games and some trends have emerged.

Fruit symbol slots were some of the first modern slots available to play, with symbols such as cherries, oranges and bananas featuring prominently on the reels. Fruit themed slots are timeless and can be enjoyed by all.

Historical themed slots have also experienced a certain level of popularity online. On many of the top sites you will find games with ancient Egyptian or cleopatra themes or games even as far back as the ice age and caveman times.

Fantasy games are also all the rage, with fairies and other mythical creatures making an appearance. Alternatively, music fans can find games with symbols and soundtracks that are centred around their favourite genres, bands or artists.

When selecting a new slot game to play, considering the look and feel of the game is a must. You will find a game that has a theme you find interesting to be more immersive and pleasurable.

Use Casino and Slot Comparison Sites or Review Sites

Looking across lots of different casino or online slot sites for games can be a time consuming endeavour, particularly as many sites will have a huge library of games for you to search through. This is where comparison sites can be really useful, these sites do all the hard work for you and roundup the best platforms and games and provide comparative information for each.

There are also lots of websites that provide reviews of each game. These reviews could be professionally written or provided by regular slot game players. When researching reviews, look out for authentic ones that give a balanced and informative view of the game.

The Ways to Pick the Right Slot Game for You

Find Those with Bonus Offers

Due to the competitive nature of the casino industry online, nearly all sites offer generous promotional offers in order to entice and retain players. Look for sites that offer free spin bonuses to help prolong games and give you extra chances of winning cash prizes.

Pick Slots You Can Try Out for Free

Many games have a demo mode you can try out for free. This is an ideal way to play a game and see if it’s for you, without betting your cash straight away.

Review The Ways to Pick the Right Slot Game for You.

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