There’s nothing like enjoying a nice ride with your pup, one of the unknown benefits of having a remote job. But how can you be sure your furry passenger is also safe? We’ll break down all the must-haves to keep pets safe and comfortable while traveling. These products also help keep drivers from being distracted by their pets.

We’ll also expand the discussion to include the best ways to protect you and your pets on your property, including sharing your pet’s information with your home insurer, as well as ensuring you have the best dog insurance for your home.

Helpful Dog Accessories for Car Trips

Most dogs love going along with their owners for car rides. If your pet is among car-loving fur babies, you may want to consider purchasing a few special items for the car and for other adventures.

Doggie Car Seats

It’s never a bad idea to get a special car seat just for your pet. These special perches can raise your pet up so they have a good view along the way.

Many pet car seats allow you to secure your special friend so they aren’t thrown when you have a sudden stop. This feature is also good for keeping them from trying to climb around in the vehicle, which can be a huge distraction to your driving.

Dog Collars for Travel

A dog’s collar can be simply a place to keep his ID tags. Many people enjoy accessorizing their furry friends with colorful or unique collars. Waterproof and odor-proof collars are colorful, comfortable, and durable. They are made of coated rubber material and are especially good if your pooch likes jumping in the water.

Dog Harnesses 

The same water and odor-proof material is also used in some colorful harnesses. These harnesses also seem to be comfortable, and they are fully adjustable. You can purchase a harness to match the collars and add a matching leash while you’re shopping.

Other Accessories for Traveling with Dogs

Dogs love adventures, so keep a couple of collapsible bowls in the car. These bowls are very handy when you need to give your buddy a drink while you are out. You’ll also want to be sure to carry a small bag of treats and some food for your pet.

For day trips, you could take a special doggie tote bag. These bags have an insulated pocket to carry a couple of water bottles and room for other essentials. The tote also comes with several small containers that have handy measurements on the sides. These are great to carry treats and food for your dog.

Making the Most of Adventures With Your Dog

If your pup enjoys going to the park, beach, hiking, you may want to consider sharing some of your adventures to increase your number of Instagram followers. Your furry friend might become so popular that they’ll have their own fan club.

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Water

If you take your doggie with you to the lake or the beach, get your pup a life vest. While some breeds are good swimmers, any dog can get in trouble or get in trouble in the water. Put a life vest on them if you’re at the lake or beach.

As you know, everyone on a boat should be wearing a life vest. Don’t forget your pets when packing the water gear. When taking your pet out on a boat, make sure they’re wearing a suitable life vest made for their size and weight.

If there were to be an accident out on the water, your pet could easily panic. If you are far from shore, your pet could easily become exhausted trying to stay above water. In the event of an emergency, your pet should be protected.

Best Accessories for Dog Walking

If your dog enjoys accompanying you on your morning run, you might want to check out some of the available hands-free leashes. Another helpful accessory, especially in wet or icy weather, is a pair of non-slip booties. While these are commonly used during cold weather to protect paws from ice and especially salt, they have other uses.

If your older dog develops joint problems, booties were very helpful for her mobility. The non-slip bottoms enable them to walk across hardwood floors without pain.

Taking Your Dog for a Cold-Weather Walk

When you take your dogs for a winter walk, be sure to remember the booties and maybe a sweater. Some dogs, however, don’t like wearing sweaters, or anything similar.

In cold-weather months, if out for a relatively short walk, your dog may not need anything but you and the leash. Make sure your dog is leashed, however. Risks of car accidents increase in cold and icy weather, which puts your dog in even more danger than usual if not leashed.

If it’s icy outside or there’s salt on the sidewalk, encourage the booties. Ice and salt can damage their paws. It is a good idea to take your dogs out even in cold weather, as most dogs benefit from having daily exercise.

Accessories for Staying Home at Home With Your Fur Baby

There will be plenty of days when you will just want to hang out at home. On those sultry summer days, you may be content inside with the air conditioning running. Your furry friends may also be content inside, but some dogs just enjoy being outside. Make sure your pets have access to plenty of fresh water.

You might want to get your dogs a cooling mat or cooling vest. These products are designed to maintain a cooler surface than the surrounding outside temperature. They offer your pets respite from the heat. Place the cooling mat out in the shade so your pup can lie on it if they want.

Summertime can also bring loud thunderstorms. Many dogs get absolutely frantic during a thunderstorm or other very loud outside noises such as fireworks. Anti-anxiety vests really do help with this. The pressure the dog feels wrapped around them seems to be very calming.

When you are spending a quiet evening at home, your dog may enjoy just being in the same room. Spending time at home with family and friends can be extremely enjoyable, whether playing favorite board games, watching movies, or playing card games like spades or Rummy. Your pets likely enjoy just being in the room.

Keep dog beds in rooms that you spend a lot of time in, such as the bedroom and living room. It’s important to spend a lot of time with your dog. You’ll find that it’s one of the most rewarding things in life.

Teresa Johnson Teresa Johnson writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, As an experienced dog mom, she has traveled many miles with her furry companion aboard.

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