Make your Business more Memorable

It might seem tough, but the first step in getting your companyat the forefront of everyone’s mind is to get your business branded. This will ooze quality and stability to your potential customers, and you will likely be able to price your products and services a little higher than those businesses without a brand name and identity.After you have completed this important step, you will then need to then focus on other key areas – which this article details below.

1. Create a business slogan

You would be surprised how much a logo and slogan can make your business stick in the minds of the public, especially if it is a catchy one or if it rhymes. Of course, it will need to make sense within your business sphere for it to work to its maximum potential. For instance, KFC’s“finger-lickin’ good” motto can only make sense with a food-related business and would not work well for a building contractor!

When you have decided on your business slogan, you will have to have it designed so it looks great, eye-catching, and yet can be read or recognized at a glance. Placing this on all of your signage, correspondence, products, and even packaging will get your business’s identity seen by the general public – as well as your current customers.

2. Use company swag

Take this idea one step further and kit out your workforce in t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and hats, all with your company logo printed or embroiled on them. Those who see your employees traveling to and from work will see your logo and remember your business’s name.

In addition to this, why stop at just your employees? Indeed, you can pass useful, quality swag itemsto customers, such as hats, t-shirts, mugs, and even branded socks made by companies like The idea is that people will use these items in public, which gains even more awareness for your business, its logo, and even its brand identity. Plus, people are more likely to become loyal brand ambassadors if they have useable and wearable items adornedwith your company logo.

3. Invent radio jingle

Advertise your business on your local radio and make it memorable by creating your own jingle. Ideally, you should get a professional singer and some musicians on board for this project so that it sounds professional.

If you doubt how well a jingle that includes your slogan can work, just think of the renowned “I’m lovin’ it” – this quick and catchy tune is unlikely to bring up memories of anything other than a certain well-known internationally renownedfast food chain. Of course, when it comes to the radio, you can take your message far and wide should you wish, depending on how large you want your customer pool to be – as well as your advertising budget.

Final thoughts

Witha particularly strong combination of branding, aslogan, a jingle, and swag items, it is unlikely that your business will stay unknown for long. Where possible, you can progress in your mission by enlisting the help of social media influencers – and when your company gets a bit more money behind it, a celebrity endorsement for posters, leaflets, radio, and TV advertisements.

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