Vacuum and Broom in One


Some product promises appear gimmicky or immediately too good to be true, while others undersell, making promises that the product can easily outperform.

When I first learned about the Vabroom, a two-in-one broom with a small vacuum on the side, I assumed it was a gimmick. I figured the company was going too far—the broom might sweep or vacuum well, but not both.

To assuage my doubts about the internet’s next favourite cleaning product, I put the Vabroom to the test, and, spoiler alert, it easily defeated the competition.

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About the VabroomAbout the Vabroom

The Vabroom is a cordless broom with an integrated vacuum cleaner. It measures about 48 inches tall and remains made of metal and plastic.

The vacuum has a rechargeable lithium battery, which can remain charged by plugging in a micro-USB cord. (I used the device several times without needing to recharge it for a week.) I discovered that the storm could last for a long time.

The broom appears futuristic, like something from Zenon’s spaceship or the Jetsons’ closet. The vacuum motor remains housed within the body of the broom’s head. Users can suck up debris using a vacuum tube on the product’s side.

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How to use the Vabroom

The broom is delivered to users in a small box and requires assembly. Fortunately, the device remains divided into four main parts, and the instructions are simple. I had my broom assembled and charging within five minutes of opening the box.

When you plug in the broom, you’ll notice a bright red light—when that light turns green, your broom’s battery remains fully charged. The charging cable is a USB to Micro-USB cable. It’s several feet long, which makes charging easier.

Users must slightly press the nozzle against the floor to start the vacuum. When applying pressure, the motor starts and the Vabroom starts sucking up debris. To keep the suction on, maintain pressure while vacuuming. I recommend carefully dragging the nozzle along the floor to accomplish this. As you move the broom, the device sucks up whatever is in its path.

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What I like about the VabroomWhat I like about the Vabroom

There’s no dustpan

The vacuum is the highlight of this useful broom. While the vacuum nozzle is relatively small, the motor is quite powerful. There were no more dirt piles because it swept everything up. That small strip of dust that dustpans always seem to leave behind was no match for the broom’s vacuum.

Dirt dumping is easy

It may appear a silly “pro” to include on the list, but I’ve always disliked dumping vacuum debris (handheld or full-size). I always seem to make a mess of things.

It is simple to empty the Vabroom. A small lever remains next to the plastic storage container containing all the dust and dirt. Users can press the lever when that container is full while holding the broom over a trash can.

Assembly is painlessAssembly is painless

I’ll admit that seeing that the broom required initial assembly made me a little nervous. Fortunately, the group took only a few minutes. Every piece was clearly labelled and precisely matched the instructions.

It is sized right for a small space

My apartment is approximately 1,000 square feet in total. I live in a city, and the constant foot traffic through the apartment tracks dirt and dust into every nook and cranny. The Vabroom is the ideal size for my cleaning supplies.

I could easily store the device by hanging it from its handle. The broom head is also not too wide, so I could easily sweep around the toilet, in small spaces, and under cabinets, chairs, and beds.

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What I don’t like about the Vabroom

It can be tough to manoeuvreIt can be tough to manoeuvre

While I believe the Vabroom is an excellent addition to smaller-sized homes (you’ll never have to wonder where to store your dustpan again), one drawback that people in small spaces may encounter: the Vabroom can be difficult to manoeuvre.

Users must hold the broom at an angle to press the vacuum’s nozzle against the floor to completely sweep everything up. It may be difficult in small spaces.

It’s only useful for small piles

The Vabroom works best in small, indoor settings with contained messes. It may not be the best product for you if you work in a large commercial environment or need a garage or outdoor broom.

Due to its narrow size, the Vabroom sweeps up a thin strip of debris at a time. The vacuum nozzle is only about an inch wide. It took several turns with the vacuum to get everything off the floor while cleaning a particularly large dirt pile.

You’ll still need to pick hair off the broom’s bristles

I shed as a person with long hair, and broom bristles have been a major source of frustration for me for years because they collect my shed locks. Unfortunately, even though the Vabroom has dependable brush bristles, it still contains hair. You’ll probably need to bend over now and then to remove the hair from the bristles, as with the vast majority of brooms.

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