4 Custom Drink Containers For Your Next Promotion

One integral part of running any business, regardless of industry or product, is letting people know about your organization and getting the word out. That can be pretty tough, especially without a massive advertising budget. Not everybody is going to be able to pay for billboards, radio ads, TV spots, and other high reach ads. Sometimes you need to get a little creative to find more organic sources of traffic. One tried and true method—a method that’s often successful time and again—is to offer customers branded merchandise. Whether it’s drinking cups, pens, or reusable bags, there’s something for everybody in branded reusable items. Today, we’ll focus on drinkware and offer some suggestions for items to utilize in your next marketing promotion.

The Importance of Custom Branding

Every brand wants to increase their visibility and get the word out about how amazing their product is or why people should engage with them. It’s just part of the branding process. There are many outlets for accomplishing this. Social media can work pretty well to let others know about your business, but it’s far from the only outlet to use for increasing your brand visibility awareness. You can also try finding ways to increase foot traffic through local channels, offering a loyalty program, and advertising through local channels. Another fantastic way to increase brand awareness is through custom drinkware. Branding promotional drinkware items with your business name, location, logo, and slogan using direct-to-film printers can help drive brand recognition and interest.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles are the perfect choice for marketing yourself and building a brand. They’re ideal for an active lifestyle, plus they’re the best tool for keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Since everyone needs to drink plenty of water to stay fit and healthy each day, that can only be a good thing. One of the major selling points of water bottles is the wide variety of unique styles, lid types, and volume options available to customers. Since a water bottle is something that customers will keep for a long time and use regularly, it’s the best place to make a statement about what your company is all about. Add your custom logo and slogan to the water bottle to not only give customers a positive vibe from your company but also help draw attention to your business wherever they go. Water bottles are available in glass, plastic, or metal with a plethora of accessories that can please your customers while helping to passively boost your brand.

Travel Mugs

Another great type of drinkware that can work for promotional opportunities or travel mugs. For the person who’s always on the go, on the move, or just wants to have a nice cup of coffee on their way to work, a travel mug can be a godsend. You can customize them using the same manner in which you customize your water bottles to boost your brand recognition. Think of travel mugs as an accessory to a coffee mug or water bottle. They can actually get the job done, offer a great travel accessory, and are durable to boot. What could be better than that?


Whether you’re drinking coffee, water, or even wine on occasion, a fun custom tumblers is a great choice for a beverage container.

Coffee CupsCoffee Cups

For the last 50 years, the world’s been in the midst of a massive love affair with coffee. It makes sense; the tasty bean juice is one of the most popular drinks in America.

Review 4 Custom Drink Containers For Your Next Promotion.

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