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A Human Resources Business Partner is a consultant who collaborates with upper management, such as HR managers, to develop and implement strategies that support the organization’s business objectives. Given the magnitude of the responsibilities, the average HR business partner salary in the United States makes the HR business partner a desirable job title. According to popular salary reporting platforms Glassdoor, the HR director’s salary ranges between $59,000 and $182,000.

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Salary of a Human Resources Business Partner on Average

The average base salary of human resources business partners varies by state in the United States.

However, your salary as a human resources business partner remains determined by factors such as years of Experience, cost of living, size/type of organization, etc.

The following are the average salary estimates for the HR business partner role. These figures depict some standard compensation metrics, such as the annual average salary of an HR business partner.


Glassdoor is a popular resource for recruiters and candidates seeking salary estimates for various roles.

The average full-time HR business partner salary in the United States is $85,425 per year, according to the 3,509 salaries submitted.

A human resources business partner’s average salary ranges from $64,000 to $125,000.

Remember that these estimates remain based on various factors such as the cost of living, industry, etc. As a result, the figures vary depending on the tool’s filters.


According to Indeed, the national average human resources business partner salary is $102,059 (versus $43.71 per hour).

These figures remain based on 2,445 salary reports from across the United States. New York ($124,702), St. Louis ($122,845), and Atlanta ($103,760) are the highest paying cities for human resources business partners.


PayScale is another reliable platform that can help you get closer to accurate salary estimates for various positions.

According to their most recent salary reports, the average salary for human resources business partners in the United States is $75,306 per year and $27.31 per hour.

When bonuses ($6,632) and profit-sharing ($3,038) remain factored in, the average total is $84,976.

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Human Resources Business Partner Career Prospects

Years of Professional Experience and the individual’s current position are essential considerations in determining HR business partner compensation. This position is also known as a human resources consultant in some organizations.

The career path ahead isn’t too complicated because the HR business partner role is already a senior position. After a few more years of experience, the human resources professional can advance to the work of senior HR business partner, advising on more critical executive decisions. After that, they can become the HR director and oversee the entire human resources department.

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Senior Human Resources Business Partner

While the human resources business partner has many duties and responsibilities, they are more critical in strategic advising and planning. The average annual salary for a senior HR business partner is $134,075. According to Glassdoor, there are over 10,000 job openings for this critical HR position.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HR Business Partner Salaries

What is the Salary of an HR Business Partner in India?

In India, the average salary for an HR Business Partner is 8.4 Lakhs per year (70k per month). Salary estimates remain based on 6366 wages from various HR Business Partners in multiple industries.

What are the Top Paying Companies that employ HR Business Partners?

Bajaj Auto [HR Business Partner Salary] – 26.8 Lakhs per year

Amazon HR Business Partner Salary – 22.7 Lakhs per year

Honeywell Automation [HR Business Partner Salary] – 22.0 Lakhs per year

Udaan [HR Business Partner Salary] – 20.8 Lakhs per year

Flex [HR Business Partner Salary] – 18.9 Lakhs per year

What is the Starting Salary for an [HR Business Partner] in India?

In India, the average starting salary for an [HR Business Partner] is around 3.5 Lakhs per year (29.2k per month). A minimum of two years of Experience is required to be an HR Business Partner.

What is the Highest Salary for an [HR Business Partner] in India?

An HR Business Partner’s highest salary is ₹22.9 Lakhs per year (₹1.9L per month).

How does HR [Business Partner Salary] in India change with Experience?

A salary of 8.5 lakhs per year is typical for an Entry Level [HR Business Partner] with less than three years of Experience. An experienced HR Business Partner with 10-20 years of Experience earns an average salary of 14.9 Lakhs per year, while a mid-career HR [Business Partner] with 4-9 years of Experience earns an average salary of 9.6 Lakhs per year.

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